The Not! Disney Princesses

So yesterday as she’s getting out of the car to go in the house after school, Meagan tells me, “Ummm, ok. I guess I’ll be taking a bag.””Do what? What *are* you talking about??” I asked.

“My lunch…” she said in that ‘Mom, you are so dense’-exasperated-teenage-sort-of-tone. “I’ll have to take a bag lunch tomorrow because my lunchbox is like… yeah… in the school.”

Aha! Poor Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. All alone in that dark, scary school building. Secretly, I don’t mind. We’ve been drowning in Disney Princesses for almost a year now… We have the backpack, the lunchbox, the school supplies, the pillow, the poster, the dolls..oh lots of those! When she was little, she was all about the Barbies. Now that she’s older, she’s all about the Disney Princesses. Go figure. I was so tickled some-other-color-than-pink-or-purple to pack her lunch in something else today I had to celebrate and take a picture.

May I present to you…my daughter and her new Not! Disney Princesses Lunch Bag…

What’s inside? Chicken quesadillas, applesauce, a drink-pak, and a star crunch thing. I was improvising, she wanted a plain ol’ sandwhich, but that wasn’t happening. I need to go grocery shopping. We’re out of everything…

Oh, and please excuse the bedhead. She did actually brush her hair before going to school. =)

And also please excuse the lack of artistic ability. There are a lot of artists in my family, so definently some artistic genes floating around…I just didn’t get any of them. HAHA


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