A Trip Through the Psalms Looking for Peace and Encouragement

So since I’ve had the mind going nutso thing again with anxiousness, fear, guilt, and depression the last few days and I knew I had to have some sort of a plan to get help from the bible, instead of just picking it up and opening it to whatever. That wasn’t working. I didn’t know where to look for help.

I sat down today, determined to find the right verse or verses in the bible to pray with. I have an outline in my bible that lists the theme for each of the psalms at the start of the book. So I went through and prescribed myself a Psalm reading list. A list of psalms that I would read in order and make into my own prayers. Here’s the list I made, using the outline of themes. It helped. The last one was the JUST SO one. The first and last were the biggest helps, I think. The last one, though, Psalm 143, was the one that I went, “That’s mine. That’s the one I needed. It’s exactly perfect.”

Depression/Anxiety/Regret into Trust/Restoration/Calm Psalm List

Psalm 51
Psalm 56
Psalm 74
Psalm 80
Psalm 86
Psalm 105
Psalm 123
Psalm 124
Psalm 125
Psalm 131
Psalm 136
Psalm 143

I’ve felt much, much calmer since. I’m still a little down (quite possibly a physical thing!), but mostly just physically drained and ‘off’. The raging storm in my head has been stayed. Praise the Lord, for He is good! His love endures forever! =)


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