The Stink Before the Rainbow

If the storm has been great, sometimes there is a big stink before the rainbow.

The biggest storm ever wiped out all the people, land vegetation, land and air animals, except for the handful (comparatively) on the ark with Noah. Think about this.

If it lived on land or in the air and wasn’t in the ark with Noah, it DIED.

They all died. Dead. In the water. Ever seen what something dead in the water looks like after a few days? Ever smelled it? It’s not pretty. Bloated and rotting. Decomposing, in the fishiest smelling way possible.

It stinks.

Now think again about how MUCH of this there was after the storm that Noah and his family rode through.

A LOT. A world’s worth of people, land animals, birds, insects, and vegetation. If it couldn’t breathe underwater it was now bloated and rotting in the water.

Imagine the stink.

But we know that things got better. After nearly a year, the waters receded (I can imagine that it would have taken that long for the stench to wear off!!) and land appeared. And then the dove came back with an olive branch. And then she didn’t come back because she’d found a new home. And then Noah and his family thanked God for seeing them through it all, and God made a promise to never again flood the whole earth. (I’m saying thanks now, too, cause I’m glad I don’t have to be a bloated body OR have to smell the stink for a year!)

God set a rainbow, the first ever, in the sky as a reminder of His promise.

And now, we can take comfort in knowing that even when the storms of life are very great, there will be a rainbow. We might have to put up with a bunch of stink first, the after effects of the storm, but there will be another rainbow.

The rainbows in life are made sweeter by comparing them to the storms. It’s the contrast. If we never saw any storms, or smelled any stink, we couldn’t appreciate the rainbows. They would be just more of the same. Nothing special. It is the storms and stinks of life that give us something to compare them to that make the rainbows sweet. The bigger the storm or stink, the sweeter the rainbow will be to us.

Now think about that greatest storm again. Just how sweet that first rainbow was to behold! No words could possibly do it justice.

If you’re in the middle of a big storm, or needing a clothespin to help you deal with the stink left behind after a storm, just smile…

and look forward to a sweet, sweet rainbow. =)


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