In which I moved my blog…

I started this whole blogging thing about 2 wks ago. I didn’t spend a penny. My how times change!

See, I couldn’t stand the icky look. So I went off in search of a good one. I didn’t find one.

Then I came up with a name I liked better. I wanted to make a pretty header for my blog using my new name. I couldn’t figure out how to get the header on my blog, though. I know how to do webpages, I thought. I’ll just host my blog on my own domain name. $6 later I had my own domain. GREAT!

Now to get things set up. Finally got the page lookin’ good, but still needed to figure out how to get the BLOG on there.

Yeah, this whole internet-bloggin’ stuff is WAY over my head, I’ve learned. MAN! Have things changed in the 10 years I’ve been ‘offline’. *boggle!*

More time and money than I care to think about later….I have this. This is not the header I designed, by the way. I will still have to mess around with stuff to figure out how to get my own graphics up here.

So really? I’m not much better off than I was. Although I *think* I will eventually be able to get the look I want this way. I hope.


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