Webster’s. Another answered prayer!

So today Mike was helping Matthew with his bible assignment and the little man asked what “righteousness” means. The stinker really does know, but he was having some “issues” with getting his attitude towards obeying and doing his schoolwork in line, so he was trying the “I’m too stupid” route. You know, that’s when you play like you don’t understand a thing that is being said, in the hopes that the parental unit will then get tired of your questions and just give you the answer OR tell you to go to your room… ’cause then you’re off the hook.

Anyway, Mike was wise to the situation, so he told Matthew he should look up the word in the dictionary if he needed it defined. Well, Matt was still having attitude issues, so out popped, “The dictionary we have will be wrong if it even has it. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary is basically the only dictionary that has God all in it.”

I’d been in the next room listening to the proceedings when he came up with this. I had to smile, since the little man and I have talked about Webster and his dictionary before. He has heard our Sunday School teacher talk about it as well, so the kid is totally a Webster’s fan. This kid has standards, I tell ya! haha

Mike asked if we had one. I said no, it was too expensive, so we’ve just been using a student dictionary which for most things is fine, but if you’re looking for a definition in a CHRISTIAN context it’s worthless.

He asked how much and Matthew piped up, “like $60”. Mike was telling me to order one at the same time, so as I wasn’t sure he’d heard the price, I told him “I can order one; I’ve looked at them before, but they run around $60 which is why I haven’t gotten one.”

“Order it.” he said again.

I went to the computer and started pulling up an online searchable copy of the dictionary that I’d found a couple of weeks before. ( 1828 Dictionary here) As I was doing so (computer was running slow) I told him that I could search it online and since it was slow Matthew could be checking the dictionary we do have while it was loading.

Mike started looking up “righteousness” for him in our dictionary and about the same time I was searching Webster’s 1828 for the same word. He did not find “righteousness”, only “righteous”. However, Webster’s had a lengthy definition list for the elusive word. (Of course!) He had Matthew read it online.

A little later Mike asked me if I had gotten the dictionary ordered yet. I told him not yet.

He was still wanting me to order one, even though he knew we could search it online. Boggled my mind! So I ordered one a little bit ago. Should be here in 5-9 business days.

I’m so excited! See, I’ve wanted a hardback copy of this for about a year now. I have prayed for one! I asked the Lord if I could please have one, I asked that He please give me one, because I couldn’t afford to get one myself. (I just don’t spend that kind of $$ on books! By my figuring you should be able to get between 50-100 books EASY with that kind of $$!) I was confident that if it was His will for me to have one, He would see to it I got one.

Nothing happened for months and months and months. I prayed for one off and on. I didn’t pray for it every night, and had actually quit praying altogether when I found the online version because I decided that was the answer to my prayer. I remember thinking, “Ok, not the way I expected (I kinda thought maybe I’d have one given to me or I’d find a cheap one at a booksale or something), but totally He gave me the dictionary since I can search it online.  Cool! Answered prayer.”

Now. An aside…I’ve been looking for ways to follow my husband and obey him. I’ve been looking for ways to show him I will do as he says and that I trust him and that he is the head of the household, etc. I’ve been doing this more and more and more. The last several months especially. I’ve oftentimes told him, “It’s up to you, hon. You’re running this ship, not me.” or “You’re the at the helm.” or “You’re the captain.” or some other variation. (He was in the Coast Guard and wants a nautical decor in the bedroom…it’s all about the lighthouses and the captain’s wheel and bell, etc….)

Soooo…. I’ve been trying very hard to just do what he says regardless of how much it makes me cringe to do so. One area that has always been particularly difficult for me to do that with is $$. He tends to be willing to pay more for things than I am. Like a lot. A whole lot. He bought me a $30 shirt and a $30 skirt last summer and I had a bit of an attitude at the time because it was just so hard for me to watch that kind of $$ be plopped down for 1 outfit. I argued. Oh yes, I did. But it was an outfit HE picked out, and the Holy Spirit kinda went, “psst! He wants you to wear this”, so I relented. I love it, but alas, I have gained way too much blubber and it doesn’t fit anymore. =(  Anyway, I’ve really been having to actively practice the whole “don’t argue with the $ decisions; if he decides the price is reasonable and decides to purchase something at that price, take a deep breath and just trust his decision-making” thing.


He not only answered my prayer for an 1828 Websters Dictionary, He did it in a totally unexpected way. I expected it to come dirt cheap or free, which is why I thought the online version was my answer (and it was to an extent, but God surpassed my expectation… He is giving me a hardback copy, too!). It is costing $$, but then there’s a reason for that. By answering my prayer through my husband, in this kind of a situation (as opposed to a gift for Christmas or my birthday, which would have been something I might have expected), He attached many messages to the answered prayer. This dictionary means so much more to me now than it would have if He had given it to me in any other way but this. He showed me that He wants to (and will) provide for me through my husband, that He has in mind so much more for me than I think I am worth, that He is pleased with my efforts to follow my husband’s leading, and that He hears and remembers every prayer.

Thank you, Lord, for the dictionary that I just ordered under the direction of my husband. And Lord? Thank you for my husband!

I’m so glad God is in the prayer-answering business!


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