The Great Blizzard of March 2008

Spring. No, winter. Or maybe spring. Nuh-UH! WINTER! Or could be spring…

If you have ever lived in North Texas, this sounds like a familiar argument. It’s as old-hat as beans and cornbread.

We have a saying round about these here parts…”If you don’t like the weather in Texas, stick around, it’ll change soon ’nuff.” North Texas is especially prone to bikini-furcoat weather. What’s that? Oh that’s the standard around here for about half the year. (The other half it just keeps gettin’ hotter!) See, the weather changes so quick and in such random ways, that the only way to be full prepared is to put on a bikini (or other similar attire) and top it off with a fur coat. Now you’re ready for North Texas weather. Let’s look at the last week or so, shall we?

Monday- temp at 5 pm 34 F, light snow about 1″
Tuesday- temp at 5 pm 58 F, dry
Wednesday- temp at 5pm 60 F, dry
Thursday- temp at 5pm 32 F, about 8″ of snow!!
Friday- temp at 5pm 45 F
Saturday- temp at 5pm 48 F
Sunday- temp at 5pm 66 F
Monday- temp at 5pm 64 F
Today- temp at 5pm 70 F

Now. I do have to state that these recorded temperatures were from our local municipal airport…about 2mi from my house. They’re out in the open (obviously), and I don’t know how that relates to air temp, BUT I do know that last Wednesday…the day before our version of a blizzard…my Weatherbug (readings taken from a school less than 1/2mi from my house…in town) was chirping closer to 70 at some point during the day. I know I remember a 68 at one point. I know at the time we thought it typical Texas weather because we’d just had a “snowstorm” (I kid you not, our local paper reported our almost an inch of snow as a snowstorm, because folks? Here? That IS a snowstorm!) not even 48 hrs before. Little did I know in less than 24 hrs we’d be looking at this out our front door:


View from front door around noon

This was about noon.Matt took this

View from back door about 10am

and this

Back yard around 10am

around 10am.

He was trying to convince me to not make him do his schoolwork and also hoping I wouldn’t notice that he *hadn’t* been doing it…that he’d been outside instead. (Yeah. That’s the way to get Mom to NOT realize you’ve been outside…bring her a picture you just took OUTSIDE! Brilliance!)

His scheme didn’t work. I didn’t even look at the pictures he was trying to show me on the camera. I just turned off the camera and said “You’re not supposed to take Daddy’s camera without permission, and you’re not supposed to be out of your seat without permission, either. Sit down and get your work done.” Mean mommy that I am, and all.So what if it was snowing. I’d heard we were maybe gonna get some. After all, our ladies visitation had been canceled for just that reason. But hey…this is north Texas. We don’t get SNOW. We get dustings. Like in those pictures above.

All the same, the schools around these parts like to close at the first sign of a snowflake, just as a novelty kind of thing, I think. So I wasn’t too surprised when Meagan’s school called at noon and said they were sending the kids home.I was however, surprised to find that I almost couldn’t see to get to the school 2 blocks away! My windows were all 3″ deep in snow! I swished the windshield off and drove basically blind to the school, then had Meagan swipe off the back windshield and her window while I rolled mine down and up to get it cleared. So I could see a bit better drivin’ back to the house. Not ten minutes later I took the picture above of the van. The sliding door window looks cleared, and it is, but not by humans. The snow just got too heavy and fell off just before I snapped the shutter.

The flakes were MASSIVE! I’m sure this is because everything is bigger in Texas.

Kids at the side of the house

About 10min later, my brother and his roommate pulled in the driveway. He had difficulties getting up a small hill getting to my place because of his bald-ish tires, so he basically was parking himself at my joint.

Here’s his car on the left about 5min after he got here. Hubby’s car is on the right.

Cars and snowflakes

The last time we had a decent snow, my bro went out and played in the snow with me. This time, thought, he was being a fuddy-duddy at the ripe, old age of 27yo. That’s ok, though. His roommate asked ME to play in the snow with her. That was cool, because then I didn’t feel so stupid out there by myself doing this:

Building a snow chick

and this:


(this was on the bunny hill. I always went down backwards. Why? I could not stay straight. WHY??)

We threw on the sock-gloves and went out and made snow-angels. We also made snow chicks. We begged my brother to play. He wouldn’t. We asked him to take pictures of us playing. He wouldn’t. Soon we headed down the street to find a place to go sledding with our newfound cardboard. We begged Mike to go with us and take pictures. He wouldn’t. Which is why we have no pictures. We couldn’t get anyone to take any and we were too busy having fun.

Meagan went back to the house for sustenance. Matthew went with us. We found a teensy tiny little drop-off we went sledding down a few times. Then we went back to the house because we heard thunder. Also the snow was starting to prickle our faces…it was turning into teensy sleet-balls.

We went in and made cocoa. We threw our wet things in the dryer. Then we looked out the kitchen window and saw this:

Backyard around 2pm

Remember this?:

View from back door about 10am

We went to the back door and saw this:

View from back door about 2pm

Oh buddy! That did it. School was officially closed. (Also? I like snow. It makes my yard look cleaner. Cool!)

Newfound snow-buddy wanted to go to Walmart and buy new sweatpants for sleeping in since she was going to be crashin’ at my place. Ummm yeahbut no! No way was I drivin’ to Walmart.

However…Walmart is only about a 10min (because of stop lights) walk from my place. Just across the highway. (Well, we walk down the street, under the overpass, then back up the street a little into the parking lot, but essentially…as the crow flies…just across the highway.) Yeah, but it’s cold….and it’s snowing. Then she suggests buying inner tubes to make the sledding easier. Then I remember there is a hill beside (feeding into) their parking lot that would be PERFECT! Woohoo!

Oh yes we did! Walmart!!

We bought inner tubes and air mattresses and a pump. We eventually decided uninflated air matresses work best. The inner tubes kept popping. The cashier thought I was “getting a jumpstart on the season. I had to tell her no, we were going sledding. She didn’t seem too shocked. After all, this is Texas.

The bunny hill
Their storage containers provided us with a stop so we didn’t sled into the parking lot and oncoming traffic. So handy!
Meagan and Mom doubles

Matt sledding down bunny hill
Meagan sledding down the bunny hill
were soon joined by
Bro 5 sledding down bunny hill
my baby brother (14 yr). Mom and her crew came out and joined us at Walmart’s Sledding Park. I was so glad! After doing this:
Tearin’ up the bunny hill
to the hill (now known as the Bunny Hill) on the north side of the parking lot, we switched to the hill on the south side of the lot. It was not a bunny hill and after climbing up IT several times I absolutely did not want to walk back home.

I’m not a wuss. I was just finally getting a *little* tired. My snow-playin’ buddy at one point commented on how all the kids had grown weary and were trying to give it up and go home and “us older people” were still out playing. I knew she was younger than myself, so I just had to poke at her a little… “Old people, huh? Yeah? What are you, like 24yo??” She just looked at me like she was sorry and then slowly said “no”. “23yo?” I asked. “22yo?!” At this point I was really starting to feel O L D! “21yo??!” Nope. Man! “20yo? You’re not 20yo?! are you? Surely not!” Yup. Young whipper-snapper! But then again… =) I was out there holding my own with a bunch of KIDS! I was keeping up with a TWENTY year old! Here I am, pushin’ 30 and I can still out-sled the young ‘uns. haha

No pictures of the good hill from Thursday, because we were all too busy playing to take any.

After having been gone from the house for close to 5hr, Mom gave us a ride home. Here’s what the yard looked like when we got back:
Home after a fun day at Walmart’s Sledding Park
Here’re our snow chicks that we made before we left for Walmart, but never dressed with the carrots or anything because we got sidetracked thinking about sledding….
Snow Chicks

We had a grilled cheese and cocoa party. Everyone stayed the night. The next day Meagan’s school opened at 10am. They were pretty much the only ones in the county going to school. Everyone else took a snowday…because they could. That’s ok. They didn’t get to have a snowball fight against the faculty for P.E., either!

Here’s the yard before we headed out to Walmart’s Sledding Park for Round 2 (Friday) around noon, that’s my snow-playin’ buddy, the youngster that she is!…

Front street
Here’s my house. The snow is SO meltin’ off the roofs. The porch steps are even clear and dry again…
Front yard Fri noon
The snow chicks were obliterated about 7am by Bro4 and Matthew.

We walked back to Walmart because…well, I honestly don’t know why. We could’ve driven. We just didn’t.
Rollin’ up the snow
Here in Hicksville we roll up the sidewalk snow early in the afternoon. Tractor Supply Company is in the background. I told you it was Hicksville. TSC right next to Walmart.

Here’s Bro4 (15yr) pointing out where we tore up the good hill the day before. We sled into the fence. A group of show-off teens started out to try and jump the culvert. We loaned them our air mattress sled to get their track packed, the went down once and chickened out. Wusses! HA!
Right over there is where it ‘appened!

This is the good sleddin’ hill. I wasn’t quite all the way at the bottom here. We had to shed our hats, gloves, and coats after about 2 runs, though. Just too durned hot! That’s Texas for ya!
Walmart Sledding Park Experienced Slope

I’ll leave you with this… overflow from the men’s shoe department at our local Walmart. Pic taken Friday just before we decided the sledding window had officially closed and came back home.
Everything’s bigger in Texas.


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  1. 1 Stacey Derbinshire March 12, 2008 at 3:00 am

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

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