Typical Mommy Bragging…

Meagan brought home her report card (all As!!) and two ribbons from her Christian Skills Meet this week. She entered four categories: Science – Astronomical, Posters, Chess, and Needlework. She placed 2nd in the first and the last! =) I was shocked, though. Not because my gal isn’t capable of good work, but because truth be told she didn’t put much time or effort AT ALL into any of her entries. Honestly? The most I can say is that she did actually finish the tea towel after screamin’ and hollerin’ and promisin’ she wasn’t gonna. She switched color shades 2 or 3 times because she “couldn’t find the one (she’d) been using”.

Still, she fulfilled her obligations. She got everything done she said she would…just NOT to the best of her ability…we’re still working on giving everything your all instead of just half-doing things. The poster was especially pitiful. She penciled a couple of stick figures, cut some scraps of fabric for their dress and skirt/blouse and glue those on and was finished.

And the science project? A styrofoam store-bought kit of the solar system. She painted them, cut the wires, poked the wires into the styrofoam and was done. Two days after bringing it home it was a goner. Mangled planets hanging from their bent orbits.

The ones she spent some time on and tried to do well placed second. The poster she slapped together in a fit of “mad-at-mom-cause-she’s-making-me-do-this-since-I-signed-up-to-do-it” didn’t even get an honorable mention.

She has two new ribbons for her bulletin board and a lesson about doing things halfway learned, now. At least I hope lesson learned… Oh, and the tea towel with the American flag is going in her hope chest, she says. It really does look pretty good for having different shades of floss in it. =)

More Meagan bragging…twice in the last week she has brought out projects of her own accord to start working on. Meagan has “issues” with doing anything remotely time-consuming or requiring her to sit and focus. She’d much rather go and run around outside or flitter from one toy or book to another. She’s my butterfly-gal that way. She doesn’t sit still or work on anything for long. She has craft kits and art supplies and so forth. She just never takes them out. They just sit. Well this week she pulled out a jewelry kit and made a pair of earrings and a bracelet for a friend, and then after watching me work on a crochet project, she brought out some sewing patterns for making small stuffed animals (just 2 pieces sew together, nothing complicated), and set about finding some fabric. She wanted to make a toy for the new baby, too! Ok, so that’s as far as that project has gone so far, but she DID get the earrings and bracelet finished and delivered. =)

In Matthew news, he started going off in a tiff yesterday about figuring some mileage for a history assignment. (Typical…some little bitty something gets blown up into major screaming, slamming, running off, defiance, throwing, etc fit.) He managed to keep himself restrained enough that he didn’t run-off out of the house (he stood at the open door once, but didn’t take off), and didn’t ever breakdown into outright yelling or throwing. It still took a couple of hours to shake the bad attitude, but….he did. In the blink of an eye. In fact after he (nicely, too!) said he was sorry for acting the way he did, he said “I was trying to hold it in a little bit longer, but it just came out”. Praise the Lord! Because I know good and well that was Jesus helping him to apologize and be good. This is huge because A) it’s the first time Matthew has totally spontaneously apologized for his behavior, always before there has been a reminder to do so shortly before the apology, and mostly several minutes of reiterating that he needs to and until he does no _____. B) Matthew has been telling me for months that Jesus won’t help him. That he’s asked and Jesus just won’t help him be good and obey. That God doesn’t love him and so He won’t help him.

Yes, I’ve been combatting that train of thought as best I can every time it comes up. I just keep telling him over and over to not give up, Jesus does love him, Jesus wants to help him but Matthew has to let Him, ask again and again and again if that’s what it takes because Jesus has promised to help us, etc.

Right now he’s still playing Zelda after being told to get off, so we’ve obviously not had a complete 180. That’s ok, though. I didn’t expect one. I’m just proud that he made it through his fit yesterday only losing the one sticker (for “not arguing”) instead of four (“not arguing”, “no yelling”, “no running off”, “no throwing”).

And a double brag. My sweet children didn’t argue once about helping me pick up the living room last night so we could watch a movie. Nor did they argue once when the movie was over and I told them to get ready for bed. They didn’t even bicker between themselves ONCE!

I love these rare moments of sibling harmony! I have two beautiful children and I love watching them grow and learn. I wish I was better at the mommy-stuff for their sakes, but I am so glad I get to be their mommy nevertheless!


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