I love it when I am given new GOOD ideas!

Ok, this may prove to be another of those good ideas that never really takes off, BUT I am really thinking I am going to try this, along with some other techniques found on their site. I have already gotten Matthew started with their book reports. Oh does this website ever speak of a blessing straight from my best friend, Jesus, today! =) Thank You, Lord, for leading me to this:

Faithful Servant Jar – basically catching the kids doing good things, writing them down with scripture references, then after the curiosity has peaked…sharing.

I think I will wait to start the bean jar for bad behaviors until after we have some good stocked up. Both kids are a little deflated at the moment because they’ve had a rough couple of days behavior-wise. They have charts on which I’m giving out stickers for specific things and poor Matt’s was nearly empty yesterday and the day before. Meagan’s isn’t looking much better. I won’t get rid of the charts, as they are an “in-your-face” kind of reminder of what they need to take care of or work on each day, but these good/bad jars will make a great supplement. Something a little more tangible, and perhaps I can have a little more concrete way of knowing at what point to punish or reward, as well.

I will try to get the jar decorated tonight after they go to bed, so that the mystery will be kept intact until time to reveal what it is I’m doing with all those slips of paper. I’m also thinking I may need to pre-cut slips of paper, study the ideas for things to catch them doing, and perhaps fashion a pocket apron of some sort so that I will have paper and pencil ready immediately thereby eliminating my procrastinatin’ excuses of “I don’t have paper handy…I’ll remember and write it down later” because the truth is? I won’t remember.


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