Family Work and Play Day (and my secret mission)

So the jar was pre-decorated, so I haven’t done anything else to it, because sometimes I’m lazy and procrastinatey like that. So sue me. haha And also? I only have a few slips of paper done up and in there. Why? Simply put…we need practice.

I need practice at recognizing the good, and they need practice doing it. I know they don’t do much spontaneously good (like helping each other with chores kind of thing), out of habit, but it’s also true they’re doing more good (like playing nicely together kind of thing) than I give them credit for, out of habit. So it’s practice all around that is needed to start really filling that jar. That means, of course, it’s going to take a few days to get it plump enough that their curiosity is peaked, since I’m not going to SAY anything. As with most things, Mom’s gotta practice and get good at something before they can.

So that’s my secret mission for the day. In other plans… =)

We’re going to attempt a work/play day today. Mike and Matthew are going to work on some projects around the house (not sure which ones, as we had different ideas about what needs doin’ first…), and Meagan and I are on laundry and grocery duty.

Laundry around here means loading up and going to the laundromat to wash, then home to dry. I have a washer, but it has not drained properly for about as many years as I’ve had it, that would be all of Matthew’s life span. It’s not the washer, though, it’s the plumbing. Something is amiss and we’ve yet to figure out what.  For the first several years the solution was to hang the drain pipe out the laundry room window and let it run outside. That worked fine in regards to being able to wash clothes normally, BUT it made a major disaster out of the ground, the side of the house, and the foundation (pier and beam, this house is O L D). About 3 (?) years ago, my mom decided the thing to do would be to put a 55 gallon drum under the window and run it into that. We did that for a couple of years, but it sure slowed the washing clothes down, since we had to manually empty the drum with a 5 gallon bucket (onto the garden and backyard) between every load. For reasons I’m hoping to verify soon, it got to where I could not do this anymore, and getting my teenage brothers or my dad or even Mike to do it was next to impossible. This left Mom to do it. I hated that! =(

Well, somewhere in the middle of caring for Dad during his colon cancer days (fully recovered now, praise the Lord!) we decided trying to take care of everything was just NOT working and one of the things we let go of was the stupid laundry barrel. We started hauling the laundry to the laundromat once a week, reminiscent of my high school days, when we were hauling laundry for 10. Now it was only 8, but it seemed the laundry was just as abundant. Around 30 loads a week.

So that’s where I am now. I haul the laundry, wash it, then bring it home and dry it over the course of the day and sometimes into the next. It’s actually working out pretty well, BUT Mike is anxious to try and tackle the plumbing and get the drain to working finally. YEA!!! This is where the different ideas come in. I would LOVE the washer to drain right, but I’d kinda like to do that next week and do these this week…

  • treat house/yard/dogs for ticks
  • get the half of the cubbies we do have painted re-installed in Matt’s closet
  • get the tack board and staples pulled out of the back hall so I can mop and move furniture back
  • get Meagan’s IKEA lamp installed

So I don’t know what the guys are gonna be doing, but we’ll be doing laundry and shopping. I’m gonna buy a bathroom scale, because guys? I’m so seriously considering trying to shed some of this extra weight I’ve gained this last year. I may not be able to do much on my own without fixing underlying probs with the doc, but I’m SO itching to try. I haven’t willingly gotten on a scale since high school, so this is kind of a big thing. I’m more than a little scared. Last time I tried losing weight I went all OCD and quit eating totally for 3mo. Orange juice, apple cider vinegar, and diet pills were my only sustenance. Needless to say it didn’t end well. Only through God’s grace did I manage to come out of it with only a several hours long ER trip and some big ol’ bruises from the needle-sticks and chest massages to get my heart goin’ again!

Anyway! =) After all this work, then comes the play. I’m thinking the kids are old enough to learn their grandparents (Mike’s parents) favorite ‘get-together-with-friends-for-an-evening-of-fun’ game….Canasta. Family game time!! Too cool! Something I’ve been trying to figure out how to get Mike willingly involved in for awhile. Me thinks this just might do it!


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