The Work and Play Update

So real quick, an update to the weekend…

secret mission – added a couple for each kid…I REALLY need to work on this. =/

chores done yesterday – laundry and grocery shopping. Spent a fortune in part due to buying stuff to de-tick the house/yard/car/pets/etc. The drain from the washer got looked at…salt, vinegar, and Drano all tried. Also vent on roof checked (???!) Still no luck. No idea what’s next.

family play time – about 8:30 we finally sat down to teach canasta to the kids. Played one demo hand (everyone looked at everyone’s hands), then one regular. Didn’t finish the game as that require 20,000 and neither team broke even half that. (Each game typically consists of several hands) Currently the boys are ahead, but we girls intend to fix that next weekend!

Today was church for the kids and I. Daddy got called in to work overtime today from 2-10pm. Between church services, I did a little work in the master bedroom. I cleared off a dresser top and moved a couple of media cabinets. A little more walking room in there, and a lot more ‘clean’ look. Gonna go change sheets now and climb in bed. Night!!


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