The hubby I haven’t seen in awhile

I haven’t been getting these posts done up very often, have I? Ah well. C’est la vie!

So this last weekend was good and bad. Bad first, outta the way…I was super achy and kinda nausea and just blech. Worst couple of days I’ve had in awhile. Also? We didn’t get a whole lot done. Anyway.

It was good, though, because we did get SOME done, and we played cards again…as a family…the four of us. That is just simply too amazing for words. Truly. You have no idea! =) I’ve been begging, cajoling, and I dunno what-all Mike for Y E A R S to get involved with the kids and I. It’s actually kinda surreal now that he is. Mind-boggling, but oh so wonderful! Thank you, Jesus! (Cause I know it’s Him making the change!)

Saturday the kids and I went and washed clothes (nope, the previous weekend did not fix the washer drain) while Mike napped. When we got back and woke him up, we had a family meeting of sorts about the dogs. Specifically what do we do with them? They are way too big for the fence we have. No, we didn’t realize this would be a problem when we adopted them or we would surely have adopted smaller dogs. That’s one of the problems with adopting from the pound.

Anyhow. (I suck at segueways, so I just use anyway or anyhow…easier on my brain.) The dogs won’t stay in the house, either! They keep bolting out the front door and frolicking all about town. No, I take that back. Not all about. Only the tick-infested bits. Grrr!

Also, whether it is solely the kids’ fault (for neglecting their assigned chores) or not, Butterscotch and Brownie have achieved new nick-names: Trash-Digger and Lake-Maker.

Mommy is MORE than fed up with her house smelling like a sewer and being overrun with dog hair and ticks. We’ve sprayed the yard, bombed the house, dipped the dogs, etc. twice in 6mo, but it’s not going to do a bit of good. Within two days the dogs were gallivanting around Ticksville again.

So, the family meeting consisted of debating these options:

  • get rid of the dogs and maybe get a cat
  • get rid of the dogs and maybe get a Beagle and/or a cat (Beagles being small enough our fence would hold it with a couple of minor repairs)
  • get rid of the most rambunctious dog, build a new fence, and keep the other dog
  • build a new fence and keep both dogs
  • build a new fence, get rid of the dogs, and get a Beagle

And really, just about any other variation involving fence/no fence, dogs/no dogs, cat/no cats. It was actually a pretty civilized, informative session. What I’m trying to say is: I learned summin’. I learned my husband of 11.5yr actually LIKES CATS! I had no idea. How did I not know that?!

We are so getting a cat. Shhhh, though! It’s gonna be a surprise. ;-) I gotta do me some homework on what kind of cat he likes, but we are so gettin’ a cat! Meagan has wanted a kitty for the longest, but I wouldn’t cave in and get one for a couple of reasons…the house was in NO way clean/decluttered enough for one, I’m allergic, my mom was totally against it (and since my parents and brothers were living with us….), and I thought Mike did not like them either. I’ve heard him tell stories about cats for years in which he portrays them as being annoying, conniving, and altogether nuisance-making. I had no idea he LIKED them. I just assumed all that talk about how they always pick out the ones that don’t like cats and are constantly under foot were his way of showing his displeasure with them.

So, sometime shortly we will be getting a kitty. Maybe for Meagan’s un-birthday…she would be SO excited and totally go bonkers to get a kitty for a present!! Or maybe for Mike’s birthday, because we can totally afford that better than the other thing he wants…a laptop.

About the dogs, though. What Mike decided was this: we will build two new sections of fence that will enclose our side yard (the house and a neighbor’s fence will form the other 2 sides) and keep these dogs…OUTSIDE! He decided this way, he says, because it will cost only a little more than buying a Beagle, and I totally feel better having a dog since he works nights. He said that even if we were to switch the big doggies for a smaller doggie, we would still need a good fence and he’d actually like to take down the old fence, so this way he could and still have a fence for a dog. Also, the way he is planning it, the back door will no longer open directly into the fenced in section, so I’ll be able to pull right up to the back door for unloading groceries and/or laundry. (Well, once we get my dad’s old pickup outta the driveway, that is!)

I thought it was just too sweet! My honey was absolutely thinking about all this with ME in mind. Mind-boggling! =) It probably sounds corny and lame and obvious to most of you, but this is a side of Mike I haven’t seen in about 11 years.

Saturday also saw Matthew’s closet getting worked on. Oh, it’s still not finished, but the cubbies we did have painted (one side) are now installed, as is one closet rod. One more side of cubbies, one more closet rod, and 2 shelves over the rods to go. The kids worked on cleaning their room a little, too.

Sunday we played canasta between church services, finishing our game from last weekend. The boys won. Rats. We girls are planning a turnaround this coming weekend, though!


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