God’s Promises

Tonight Mike was explaining (again!) to Matthew how (contrary to his quite vocal opinion) everyone had rules to follow. He started to list some examples, but before he got very far Matthew interrupted with, “Yeah, yeah, everyone but God, I know.” or something very similar. Anyhow.

I commented that, “God makes the rules” in a tone that apparently was interpreted as “He makes them, therefore He is exempt”. Not what I meant at all, but I’m guessing that must have been the way it came across based on what happened next.

I was MORE than pleasantly surprised to find Mike interject with, “Actually, God does have rules He has to follow. He makes the rules and then because He made them He will not break them. He’s made promises and has guaranteed that He will keep them.”

Jaw. Drop. Now.

Ok, so that is not verbatim (like my memory is that good!), but that’s pretty close. I, of COURSE, immediately confessed my mistake and agreed because…well because he was right! =)

Matthew piped up, “When did you ever learn so much about God?”

Poor kid. As far as he is aware his dad has been in a church once. This Easter. That’s right! =) He slid in a little late and took off super quick like, but Daddy DID come to church with us finally! Meagan kinda missed it, though, since she had already gone back for children’s church.

Matthew giggles each time we have sit-down dinner (not nearly as often as we should…my fault…need to work at that!) because Daddy asks the blessing using the exact same words every time. I have no idea why he finds that so amusing, but I do know that he’s apparently decided that the reason behind it is that Daddy doesn’t know any other way to pray.

I’m frequently finding myself trying to figure out how to handle questions and comments from the kids about Daddy’s spirituality. I am never sure what or how to answer. I want to make him as big and wonderful a Dad as possible in their eyes, so rather than risk damaging that I find myself saying “I don’t know” an awful lot. Like…

“Why doesn’t Daddy ever come to church?” I don’t know

“Why does Daddy say the same prayer every time?” I don’t know

“Has Daddy ever read the bible?” yes “Then why doesn’t he read it now?” I don’t know

I’m just gonna keep wingin’ it with these questions, keep prayin’ and let God work. Cause I know He is, and I’m so thankful!


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