Seriously Good

Today was picture day at school for Meagan. We lost the picture order form, so I sent a piece of paper stating as much with “No pictures” written across it (cause we weren’t buying any anyway). Also? The cleaners did NOT press the pleats back into her uniform like I told them too. grrrrr I was feeling more than a little like a total nitwit of a mom there for awhile. I was worried she’d get in trouble for not having the picture form, or for having a jumper that obviously needed ironing. (It wasn’t wrinkled…just not-pressed pleats.) I felt sure I was the worst mom ever. I mean I couldn’t even keep up with one measly little picture day, ya know?

As it turned out, nobody said a word at school. She wasn’t in trouble at all and also? I wasn’t the only mom who forgot stuff or had clothing issues. No biggy. But that’s not the real story of the day. Wanna know what it is?

I took the kids to “the skate park”. It’s a park in town that has a couple of ramps for the kids to skateboard on. A couple of days ago, a neighbor boy gave Matthew a skateboard. Maybe because he felt bad because the two of them got in trouble a couple of weeks back for climbing up on the roof? I dunno. Anyway. We went to the park. While there, Meagan half-jokingly asked Matthew what he would give her if she went down the ramp (or something…I caught the story after the fact). He replied, “Two dollars”.

So she did whatever it was. Once we got home she was braggin’ to her friend that Matthew owed her two dollars. I didn’t say anything then. When we sat down to dinner Meagan repeated the story to me directly. Matthew piped up that he had his fingers crossed so it didn’t count. That’s when I said something.

I told him that crossing your fingers wouldn’t undo what he said, and then reminded him that the bible says to “let our yes be yes and our no be no” and that we are supposed to be honest in all we do.

“Well how was I supposed to know that?” he asked. I left that one alone, because it was so not a question he really expected an answer to. He already knew the answer… I’ve told them a bajillion times to be honest…to not make promises they can’t keep…to follow through on promises they do make (if at all possible)…and a bajillion other mom-remarks that could and would apply here.

We finished eating and went to get ready for church and as I was staring at the puter-screen waiting for the kids to finish finding shoes and purses, Matt came in and told me:

“I gave Meagan the $2.00 I said I would.”

Sweet! Even sweeter? At church, the preacher preached on taking God’s word seriously. When he said that some people read the bible or hear God’s word but don’t really take it as something God really, actually, SERIOUSLY meant, and then others do (he was using Josiah in 2 Chronicles chapter 34 as the example of this), I wrote Matthew a little note….

“You were taking God’s word seriously when you gave Meagan the $2.00. God noticed.”

I just totally found the whole thing to be a blessing to this worryin’ momma’s heart. God noticed, and I wanted Matthew to be sure that I noticed, too. ‘Cause that is somethin’ I don’t always do as often as I should…let the kids know I noticed the GOOD they’ve done.

So there’s my good story for the day. =)  I was so happy to see Matt do something mature like that without a bit of prompting from me!! Sometimes it seems like the only way he does anything he ought is if I tell him specifically to do it….like apologizing for example… rarely does he apologize for his bad behavior without me telling him he needs to.

I needed this. I needed to see some sort of improvement… some sign of progress. So that’s why I blog it. So I’ll be able to come back and read it and go, “Oh that’s right! There has been some progress” on those super rough days.

As for why no posts since Fri? Simple… Saturday I was spring-cleaning my kitchen, Sunday I had a massive headache, Monday I was lazy, and Tuesday I couldn’t think of a thing to write. (and also I played some free trial games at bigfishgames last night…that kinda kept me busy!)


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