Today’s pell mell

The other night in the shower I had this totally random(??) thought…

“Denim and daisies are like Jesus”

Then I thought of these words:

  • Tough
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Protective
  • Simple
  • Pure
  • Gentle
  • Bright

I don’t really have any other earth-shattering anything to report, just thought I’d share that observation. =)

Still working on the penguin, almost done. I am thinking I am going to add a bib for baby, because the penguin’s smaller than the monkey. Anyhow. Should be through soon…I hope.

Oh! Update on the expensive teefies girl!… she had another appointment today. She still didn’t get an A in brushing because there was still FOOD on her teeth… OY VEY! I have been checking her teeth soooooo carefully every night. I warned her before the appt (via a note, as I was busy out of town) to be SUPER careful in brushing when she got home from school. Guess she wasn’t careful enough. ugg. At least she still has the metal, so we’ve staved off losing the $3,000 for another month. She is getting closer to having those 4 loose baby teeth pulled though, since she won’t wiggle them. uggggg!

Ok. That’s all for today. =) Off to throw something in the microwave for dinner.

***update- Found out from Meagan that she didn’t see the note I left till after they got back. Also? She got a B!! She says they didn’t say anything about taking the metal off, either. A B!! Best grade yet. Man! I’m so wishin’ she’d brushed a little better, though. I keep thinkin, could she have gotten an A?


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