More about the daisies…

Oh how I love the way the Lord orchestrates everything to fall into place just-so and at just-the-right-time. =) Just look…

Yesterday I wrote this. Today on my blog-hopping, I found this. From there, I clicked and found this, (we won’t even open the can of worms on HOW SO VERY appropriate this is for my life right-this-very-minute after my first-ever-dr-appt-for-ME-in-countless-years…), with this post right before it.

Ta-da! More about the daisies!!

I’m more than kinda spent myself here lately (ok, actually biggest issue today has been replaying yesterday and banging myself on forehead getting all embarrassed and going “I can’t believe I did that.”)

Quitthinkingquitthinking random-groaning-brow-furrowing-and-shiveryshakes-in-an-attempt-to quitthinkingquitthinking.


ad nauseum.

I digress. Just go and read more about the daisies. She’s so right. =) Oh, and my hubby has it made too. Daisies are above and beyond all other flowers in my estimation. =)

And also? Could someone please explain to the daisies I planted years ago (pick a year) that they are, in fact, a very hardy, easy-to-grow plant? Because I don’t think they actually understood that. Do you think they would make a miraculous comeback, maybe?


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