Crazy is normal

So after all the excitement last week, I must say this week is seeming very blah in some ways. That’s ok, though, any more excitement would probably be just too much. =)

Monday morning, Meagan had an appt with the eye doc. She’s going back in glasses. I’m not surprised in the least. Actually, I was surprised she had the 3-4 years without glasses! I was afraid we’d have to out-of-pocket the glasses again in order to get a pair she would wear, but thankfully the state insurance has expanded their selection of frames they’ll pay for. She found a pair she liked, but they were brown. The gal told her she could order them in pink and there ya go! They should be ready in a week or so.

Mike’s prescriptions from the VA came in. Doc had told him he was going to be on a med for lowering his cholesterol. He neglected to mention he’d also prescribed a med for the high blood sugar. Basically Mike was told, “You have high blood sugar.” That’s it. No info on what to DO about it, no info on what to NOT do, nothing. So now I’ve got another project…learn about Type 2 Diabetes, and how to monitor blood sugar. Oy vey! We were going to out-of-pocket the monitoring supplies, since when Mike called to ask about it this morning he was told simply that they would re-check his levels in July. (Nice to mention that, guys!) Then I found out how much the test strips cost! YIKES! Even the cheap ones would run us $20 a week. =( I think Mike is going to call the clinic back and see about getting a prescription through VA. I just can’t believe they would put him on a glucose-lowering med without word one about it and with nary a care about monitoring the blood sugar levels. Makes me wanna scream! >=(

The dogs get loose like oh, I don’t know…every 3 seconds? Ok, maybe not quite that often, but close. They’re both bigger than Matthew, so neither of the kids are really able to get in or out the door without the dogs barreling over them to get out. Brownie, I am certain, has decided the ONLY appropriate place to pee is in the hall. Even if you take him out for an hour or more, once you bring him in… immediately he makes a lake in the hall. GRRRRRRR! Every time they get loose, they bring back more fleas and ticks. We simply can’t afford to keep dipping them, the collars have done NO good, and the drop stuff that you put on their backs eats Butterscotch’s skin up. To top it all off, Matthew REFUSES to obey the orders to STAY IN THE HOUSE and get his schoolwork done. Instead, he takes off the minute my back is turned to go chase the dogs. Not that he can successfully catch them most of the time, mind you… just because he enjoys getting in trouble, I think.

Sooo…I think Mike has finally given up on the fence idea. It was a lovely thought, really. Trouble is that lovely thought, while allowing us to keep the dogs, would also cost us several hundred dollars and several weeks worth of work. It’s really looking like we’re going to have to take them back to the pound. I hate that thought, because being grown dogs it will likely mean they’ll be put down, but I don’t see any other way. Matthew, of course, is NOT happy. Poor kid. =( He loves those dogs. They’re his best friends, and the whole reason we got the dogs was for him to have a friend. I just don’t see any other way. Had the dogs not destroyed the fence, maybe…

In other news… I hadn’t been doing much FLYing lately so Monday I determined to get some things done. I got the last 4 wks worth of school lessons mapped out. That took all day, but at least it is done. We know now, just how much he has to get done each day if he wants to finish up the year the same time his sister does. Of course, had he not been giving us such fits with the behavior, he’d have been done months ago and would be doing the extra stuff by now.

Yesterday he worked real hard all day. He didn’t get everything done because Monday he basically got nothing done due to massive meltdowns, but he did work. Grandma came by last night and we were so pleased to be able to tell her that yup, if he kept working good the rest of the week, he’d be able to spend the night Friday. Then today… *sigh* Well, let’s just say the Friday night sleepover is cancelled. =(

It’s looking like he’ll be headed for the public school next year, much as I hate the thought.

Yesterday I got more housework done than I’ve been able to do in one day in forever. I mopped two floors, got 2 loads of dishes done, cleaned the bathroom, swept several rooms, cleaned off the desk and all living room surfaces, and got all the kitchen counters scrubbed. Oh, and I also managed a shower and 2 lessons in my bible course AND a ladies meeting at church. MAN! I think that was the most productive day I’ve had this year! Today? Yeah notsomuch. I got the ironing done. Oh, and dinner is cooking.

So basically, everything is back to crazy… which is normal.


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