A punctured tire, new glasses, a trip to jail, and chin hair…

Pictures forthcoming…I hope.

Long week.

Friday I was going to borry Mike’s puter to upload some pics of something. I don’t really remember what now. I was too tired, so I went to bed.

Saturday I was supposed to go do laundry, instead I played hooky. Ok, so the van was outta commission while it got a new leg, I mean tire. (FYI, running over son’s bicycle *might* cause a tire failure.)

Monday the son slept all day long (no, really!) due to NOT taking his allergy meds the night before and so having to resort to the Benadryl. Benadryl = snores. Or at least it did this time. He slept till 2pm!

He was just waking up good when we got home from picking Meagan up at 3pm, and then we had to turn around and go to the eye dr. They’d had a cancellation, and so could Matthew come in at 4pm?

So that went well. NOT! Refused to let the dr do the glaucoma test. Even under threat of “I’ll call your father”. UGG

So I spent Monday night and all day Tuesday FREAKIN OUT that the dr would call the cops or CPS or someone because I used the ‘s’ word in his office.  You know… s p a n k i n g. Yeah, that one. See! It’s so horrible I don’t dare write it all together because it might get googled.

Yes, I know I am a paranoid nut. It sucks, but I deal. Mostly by crying and praying. It’s a good thing the Lord is gentle and patient…I don’t know how he puts up with my pathetic-ness. (That is TOO a word…I just said so!)

It gets better. Tuesday afternoon we had to go BACK to the eye dr to pick up Meagan’s new gear. Pretty in pink, she is. (Picture forthcoming!!) I just hope she doesn’t take any more basketballs to the face, cause I doubt the insurance will pay for 2 pairs of specs in a year…

Tuesday night was fun, too. After getting the specs, we did laundry. When we got home, Matt asked to go play. Ummm, nope, still have homework to finish. He throws a pencil (and generally a FIT) so I send him to his room.

He was quiet, then. I ASSUMED (and you know what they say about ASS-U-ME-ing…) he was quiet because he was reading some of his series books. He’d spent several hours last week doing just that instead of whatever he was supposed to be doing.

I went to check email before starting dinner. The doorbell rang and I could see it was a couple of the neighborhood kids. This was the second doorbell since getting home from laundry. Like the first, I started to tell this group that Meagan had gone down the hill and Matt wasn’t through with homework…except I didn’t get to. They had come to tell ME that Matthew was causing problems down the hill.

Oy vey! The kid had snuck out the window! No wonder he was quiet. Several phone calls, door-knockings (and no answers… we have to wonder if they were knowingly aiding and abetting by harboring a fugitive of parental justice…), and slow drives around the block later, he finally shows back up with his bike. Of course, by that time Mike had called in to work, and had also called the police.

This kid is bound and determined to turn me grey, I tell you. =(

So today said son toured the police department. He is not to leave the property the rest of the month (well unless his dad or I take him) and if he does and the cops happen to see him, they are going to take him to the department and call us. This is the arrangement Mike set up. Matthew is not actually in trouble with the law, they are doing this as a favor to us. His trouble-making yesterday was not anything more than a pushing/yelling match with another kid, from the sounds of it they were BOTH at fault. The problem is more that he is just flat-out NOT obeying his dad and I and has now taken to just taking off. It’s this taking off that we’re really worried about. If we don’t get this stopped NOW…ya know?

So, he had a bit of a pre-arranged scare with the police, and hopefully that will be enough to keep him from leaving the house/property without permission again.

Meanwhile…back at the ranch… =)

I was without internet here at my puter for a couple of days because I’m blond. I guess. Apparently I had the wrong network thingy enabled…or the cable plugged into the wrong network place thingy or something like that. I just know the puter kept telling me the network cable was unplugged and it SO was not! Thankfully, Bro3 got me fixed right back up after he took Bro4 and Bro5 to their club-thingy-ma-jigger.

He also fixed me right up with one of these, with which we then proceeded to check out money, hair, skin, tongue, Meagan’s bloody band-aid (she had a Lupron shot and bloodwork today), and a tick off one of the dogs. (Yes they are still here…yes they are still covered in ticks as is our backyard…in fact, Matt pulled a tick outta his waistband area last night! UGG!)

It was a Mother’s Day present for his favorite sister. Hey! I KNOW I must be his favorite sister…never mind that we have 4 other really great sisters. I am his favorite. I know because I said so. So there. =)

So we spent a couple of hours checking out gross stuff. Unfortunately, though, we did NOT spend any time whatsoever checking out this. Not that I didn’t try, mind you. I did, indeed, immediately DUMP the entire contents of my purse onto the floor in the hopes of retrieving the hair. Somehow, though, the ziploc baggy which contained the hair WAS NOT THERE! I do not know where it went. I kept it in my purse for weeks. Months, even. I do not remember pulling it out at all, and yet… it’s gone. I am so sad. =(

Also? As horrifically split-ended my hair was (I don’t care if that is a made-up term…I like it!), inexplicably it was looking mighty healthy when my SnowBuddy and I went looking for a replacement for the record-breaker. The closest we came was an ordinary single split end. How totally unexciting and boring.

Best close-up so far? One of my chin hairs. As it flashed across the screen, Bro3 shrieked and cried out, “What was that? It looked like a CLAW!”

(And yes, it was a shriek. Definitely. NOT a manly grunt of disgust. A little girl shriek. I know this because I just said so. I can, ya know, because he’s my little brother. Ok, my YOUNGER brother… by 2yr, 3wks, 6days, and 12hrs thankyouverymuch!)

Micro-mini projects update… penguin and bib both done. Overwhelmed by cool idea/pattern and so now partway through secret project. It’s crochet, but that’s all I’m sayin’ right now. All cubbies re-installed in Matt’s closet. Both clothes rods re-installed. Shelves over clothes rods still not. Going to be tackling the painting of the front hall/entryway next. Same blue/white as the living room.


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