The Circle of Justice

Matthew has been bouncing around to bible tunes all day. That’s fine (well except the BOUNCING is driving me slightly BONKERS), but he is still not getting school work done. GRRRR! However, he did ask me this:

“Mom, is it true that all jail cells have bars?”

To which I nodded, and he continued…

“ALL jail cells everywhere?”

Again with the nodding. I have NO idea what is going through his head right now. I hope some big time decisions about listening to Dad and Mom’s rules and obeying them. This is the first thing he has said to me about the trip yesterday. Meagan and I were up at the hospital doing the Lupron and bloodwork thing, so it was a guys night out kind of a thing. Cool with that I am, since that is EXACTLY what Matt needs/ed.

He hasn’t even told me he went. I guess he either figures Dad has already told me, or that if he doesn’t say anything I’ll never find out and he won’t have to be embarrassed about it.

Little side-notes to this whole jail/law/justice thing:

  • Last night’s sermon was our responsibilities as Christian citizens. That is: on obeying the law. Touché ! =)   ~Even Mike got a giggle out of that one!
  • Today I ran across this post... LOVE it!

Another cool little circle of coincidences. I’m loving how the Lord spins these, I really am!


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