I am from…

I am from popsicle sticks, from Kool-Aid and red dye #40.

I am from playing pretend and lip-synching. From Legos and ice-cream truck jingles.

I am from the air conditioner unit outside the bathroom window. Hot, sharp it droned it’s noisy tune: safe.

I am from the spearmint in my grandmother’s backyard, the ivy that sold a house, the pine tree that gave access to the roof, the Mimosa tree whose lightning scarred trunk offered a place to sit and think and dream.

I am from cousin couch pictures, candy canes on the Christmas tree, back freckles and neck moles, from Davy and Barbara and Michael.

I am from the puzzle-solvers and the stuff-creators.

From if it’s on the floor less than 5 seconds it’s ok and you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

I am from For God so loved the world. From Psalty, Agapeland, and Colby on old vinyl 78s.

I’m from Falls Church and Mickie’s Crew, dulce de leche and strong coffee.

From the bathrobe wrapped in a ringbox by my mother, the armchair my grandfather wore out galloping to Rawhide, the urine of a white tiger, the thigh-slappin’ beat of Crocodile Dundee, the wounds of a bike attacking a BMW, and the potty chair that wouldn’t work.

I am from the movie room whose closet shelves boast boxes of slides from days-gone-by– other worlds beyond our family’s current shores, book after book of priceless glimpses into grey, orange, or punkadelic hued moments in time. From shelves of homemade VHS tapes with labels like “intelligent conversation”. From boxes of polaroids and pictures still in developer’s envelopes because life was too busy being lived to take time to sort and date and file and arrange and scrap.

I am from dolls, dice, fireworks, ping-pong and frisbee tournaments. I am from beauty make-overs and “no do-overs!”. I am from sleepovers and get-togethers.

I am from these things and now that I have my own branch of the nut tree, I hear and see their echoes all around me.


This is my own version of “I’m From”. If you want to try your own, Fragment’s From Floyd has a form. Be sure to read the original first.


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