Work, work, work! But feelin’ good!

It’s nearly 8pm and wowsa! Aside from achin/burnin feet and the crick(?) in my neck, mild achin in my knees (real mild comparatively speaking) I’m feeling absolutely GREAT right now. This is so cool! Haha =)

I’ve also gotten a lot of cleaning done today. Kitchen and bedroom look better than they have in weeks. Coupled with the strides made in the living room, hall, and bathroom earlier in the week… MAN! =)

Still have the laundry room, pantry (yikes!), and dining room (TRIPLE yikes!!!) to tackle though.

The yard, however? Not so much. We have such a huge yard and with the schedule Mike has makes it REAL hard for him to get it mowed between rains and such. Not to mention the fact that he is OLD! ;-) He got a fair amount done today, I guess, but he still has a LOT to get done tomorrow. A LOT! =(

He HAS to get it done tomorrow, too, cause he can’t really work on it during the week because of work, and the city has sent us a letter stating that if it is not mowed by the end of the month we’ll be fined $1,000. Ummm, we so can not afford that. Like no way. Sooooo, it is going to have to be done tomorrow. Somehow. =(


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