Do you think I can keep blaming Mommy Brain even though I haven’t been pregnant in 9.5 years??

Our route to church goes something like this:

  1. Leave driveway, turning left.
  2. Drive to stop sign (you can see it once you get out of the driveway) and stop.
  3. Turn right.
  4. Drive to church parking lot (you can see it once you turn onto the road) and turn in and park.

As simple as that sounds, apparently last night step #s 2 and 3 were just TOO MUCH for my brain to handle.

I got step one down, without a problem. Even pulled off the first part of step two without a hitch. It was the stop, and then the extremely complicated step 3 that was a doozy.

As I approached the stop sign, I knew I needed to be doing something before and/or as I got to the stop sign, and it seemed like it had something to do with the thingies on the side of the steering column. Oh, and also I think I’m supposed to be stepping on the brakes…yeah that’s it.

So as we kinda bucked to a stop (real smooth on the braking, I was!), I caught myself just before I put the van into reverse!

I guess the fact that the gearshift is on the RIGHT side of the steering column and I was needing to turn RIGHT somehow melded into a congealed mass in my brain. I dunno. I’m just glad I caught myself before I actually changed gears and let off the brake!

True, we probably would have been fine even if I had actually done it since there was no one behind us. Probably we’d have started moving backwards, I would’ve sorta freaked (which I did anyway!), stopped, and fixed the problem. No harm done.


It scared me, peoples, because…well…

I almost put the van into REVERSE so I could make a right-hand turn at a stop sign!

Also? In thinking/looking back? I think I was braking with my left foot. Why???


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