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So I went to a doctor…

…and he said I was sick. Imagine that!!

That hasn’t happened in I don’t know how many years. Ok, so I haven’t been to a doctor in I don’t know how many years, either, but oh well. lol

Actually this doctor said I was REALLY sick. He even talked to Mike after the appointment and told him I was “one sick puppy”. I thought that was cute. =) Anyway.

I am pretty sure he diagnosed me with Bartonella as well as the Lyme, and I think he suspects at least a couple other co-infections. He had testing done for Babesia (which is a cousin to malaria) and something else (don’t remember what), and wanted to test for Q-Fever, whatever that is, but it wasn’t on the Igenex order sheet.

He was originally going to test for Bartonella and something else, but since all these tick-borne diseases are clinical diagnoses because of the limited reliability of the current testing AND I don’t have insurance picking up the cost of these tests… he scratched out the Bartonella and one other test. That’s why I say I’m pretty sure he diagnosed Bartonella along with the Lyme. He didn’t actually SAY (or if he did I don’t remember, but that wouldn’t surprise me either since I was MEGA confused and flustered during the appt.), but he said if I was ok treating based on symptoms we could save the cost of those tests.

So, it seems I will be getting worse before I get better, so if the blogging REALLY slows down…you’ll know why.

Also he seemed impressed(?) that I was able to go right to the front of the line in terms of figuring out what was wrong and finding the right doctor. He said that most people spend years and years and see dozens of doctors, spending thousands and thousands of money before figuring out what was wrong. I told him honestly, “The Lord has blessed me greatly in being able to figure out what was going on and getting right to it.”

Praise the Lord! =)

Doc also said to remember that I can get well and the kids can get well. Sounds kinda weird hearing that, because it’s still sinking in that I’m sick. I mean I know I hurt and I can’t think worth a flip, but a lot of what he calls “symptoms”, I’ve called “normal, everyday stuff” for years and years.

It’s still hard for me to even use that word about myself…”symptoms”. In all honesty, I don’t think I HAVE used it out loud yet. I just can’t seem to bring myself to; I always skirt around that word and try to change the subject.

Part of it is I’m not used to having “permission” to be sick. I’m the mom. I can’t be sick, ya know? I gotta do what needs to be done, and besides… every weird, odd whatever (see? that “s” word still won’t flow…) I’ve ever mentioned has always been dismissed as normal.

Well, it turns out it’s NOT normal to black out when you “stand up too fast”, or get hives every time you take a shower, or have heart flutters all the time, or be super weak or tired with no energy for years on end, or have shooting pains or tingles or numb spots, or aching knees from obviously degenerating cartlidge (at age 26y), or muscle twitches several times a day in different spots, or stepping on electric needles in the morning, or bone pain in my shin and thigh and elsewhere, or dozens of other things that I thought were normal.

Wow, that was a long, rambling sentence. Oh well. At least I’m not writing this for a grade in English class!

Anyway. I’m also very much not used to spending money on myself. Certainly not in the massive amounts we’ve put out in the last two months…and to think… I’ve only seen a dr twice so far, had only a couple of basic blood tests done, and paid for only my first month of meds and supplements. Already the credit card people are rubbing their hands together! lol

Ah well, there too. I know this is where the Lord has led. I know seeing the doc and getting the meds and getting the kids tested and treated as well are all things He wants me to do. I know that He knew we would have these needs before I ever did. He also knew we would not have the means to provide them. He does, though, and so I’m trying hard to just trust Him to do so.

The doc wants to see me again next week to see how I’m adjusting to the meds. I have several and I have to work my way up to full dosage on them all. By next week I’ll only be just at the point of making the first of 4 step-ups to get to full strength. =/

I’m also going to join the land of the needled around here. While Meagan gets 2 sub-q shots a night, I’ll be getting 1 IM shot (of B12) every night. There is NO way I can do that myself (remember? I was taking Meg to the ped every month for her IM…), so Mike has volunteered to learn to give them. Isn’t he summin?! And here I was worried my hubby wouldn’t take care of me! Shame on me!

We’ve already gotten the bloodwork sent off for Matthew, and I’m hoping to hear back next week. Of course, Lyme Disease is a clinical diagnosis, so even if the testing is negative it doesn’t mean he’s clear. Actually my doctor suspects I’ve had Lyme since childhood making it highly LIKELY that I passed it on to the kids. I told him just a little of Matt’s Jekyll/Hyde like stuff and he said we really needed to get him to a LLMD to be evaluated.

Meagan has an appt with the ped in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to try to get her tested then.

Also, as for Matt’s immunotherapy… no solid news yet, but I do have a couple of ideas/leads, so I’m hoping to start figuring that out next week.

I think I’m gonna get. I’ve only had 4 antibiotic pills thus far, and already my joints are hurting worse. Don’t think I’m gonna take too kindly to this “could get better, but it’s gonna get worse first” thing. =( I do have pain pills now, but I’m trying to hang on to them. I don’t know how bad this is gonna get…


Sense and Protection in a Storm, a Story of God in a Texas Tornado

I got a phone call from a longtime friend of mine on Monday. The first thing she said was, “Marie, we were in a tornado.” (I went by Marie in high school, so that’s what she is used to calling me.) Of course the first thing *I* said was “Oh no! Are you all ok?” After she assured me that her mom, all 4 kids, and herself were ok, so proceeded to tell me a story about God working miracles. I want to share.First a little background. My friend is a single, working mom to 4 kids. Her mom lives with her to help watch the little ones while she works…nights. She works as an aide in a nursing home while she’s waiting for the nursing school session to start in Sept, at which point she will be going to school to get her R.N. The town they live in is small, so the nursing home is not fully staffed overnight.

Sunday night she, one other aide, and an R.N. were on duty. Just about the time every one else left for the day, the sky turned dark and things went still. While some of the others at the home thought the stillness meant the predicted rainstorm was going to pass around them, my friend knew otherwise. She sprang into action, telling people there was a tornado coming. They started hustling getting the patients moved (most still in their beds, and many on oxygen) into the hallways.

Very early on, the R.N. was hit by glass and could no longer help, leaving the two aides to get the whole population to safety. My friend said she took one wing and the other aide took the other. She grabbed a pair of sunglasses and duct-taped them on. She grabbed a mask and put it on over her nose and mouth. Then she rushed around switching oxygen feeds to portable units, moving beds into the hallway and trying to direct the mobile patients into the halls.

There were a few in the lobby of the home, and the pressure and wind was such that my friend feared people getting blown or sucked away, so she sat down in front of the GLASS front door and braced herself to keep it from blowing open while the residents moved into the hall. When they were all out of the lobby, she too ran for the hall.

As soon as she got in the corridor, she says, the glass doors and windows all blew in. She said she could see huge pieces of glass flying into the corridor from either direction and knew she would be hit.

Just before the glass got to her, though… it turned to powder! I’ll say that again… it smashed up into glass DUST. So instead of being hit with giant shards of plate glass, she was hit with far, FAR less disastrous glass powder.

She was thanking the Lord, and praising God for being with her and helping her to know what to do and helping her to get it done and in protecting everyone.

The Lord held back the glass door blowing in until she was no longer sitting right in front of it. Because God gave her the sense to put on sunglasses and duct-tape them to her head, her eyes were protected from the bulk of the glass. Because He gave her the sense to put on a mask, she did not breathe any of the glass powder into her lungs. She was able to get all the residents safely into the hall, covered with blankets to protect them from glass before the glass started flying. None of the residents were injured at all, and all were later transported safely to nursing homes in neighboring towns. The R.N., while hurt, is ok.

When the storm was passed and my friend went outside to start the evacuation of the residents, she saw the home’s generator as well as a big tree limb on her car. The car was not dented, or even scratched.

She did have a lot of glass in her hair that she was still trying to wash out, and she had some glass slivers in her feet from glass getting in her shoes and then walking on it all night. She said her face felt kinda burned…like if she’d been in a sandstorm.

The biggest injury she sustained was some debri (glass?) in her eyes. Not a lot, she said, and one of the EMTs had given her some drops to put in them until she could see a doctor later in the week when the town got electricity back. She said her vision was a little blurry because of it, but she was oh so thankful for the Lord’s protective, guiding hand!

That call was such a blessing to me. Might sound funny, but if you could have heard the absolute EXCITEMENT in her voice when she was talking about how she KNEW God had been with her, helping her… About how she KNEW it was God that powdered all that glass, and that had helped her prepare for it with the glasses and mask. =) It was so cool to hear her so excited about that. I loved it!

I’ve been thanking the Lord for helping her, as well, of course! I love my daisytrippin’ friend, and hate the thought of anything bad happening to her. She’s had more than enough of that in the last 10 years as it is!

I ask for your prayers for her. For her eyes to heal,  and that the school (it was damaged pretty badly) will be able to have session so she can get her RN.

So there hasn’t been much blogging going on…

Overall there hasn’t been much blogging going on the last month or two. I think it might have something to do with the fact that overall I’ve been feeling worse and worse the last month or two. Ok, so I’ve been getting progressively worse for months on end. Time to shake things up a bit, perhaps?

Today is Father’s Day. I wish I had more oomph to be excited. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. Ditto.

I always have a booger of a time figuring out what to get Mike for gift-giving occasions. Not so much because “he has everything and wants nothing”, but more because he always wants the same stuff, and I don’t like giving the same thing every time. DVDs. That pretty much sums it up. Oh, and summer sausage, extra sharp cheddar cheese, and Hershey kisses. Sure he’d love a laptop and a DVD recorder where he could transfer his VHS tapes over, but we can’t afford either of those.

So this gift-giving occasion, I totally went with the no-thinking-involved Hershey kisses and a Mr. Bean DVD. I’m so uninspired right now.

Now for my mom’s birthday(She’ll be 52 years young. And she’s proud of each one of them. You go girl!)… going with the no-thinking-involved there, too…sorta. I just asked her want she wanted and then did my best. She said she wanted a capri set, but not pink or pastel. So I go to the store and find capri sets… in black (she already has), red (I have, so she didn’t want to do), and pastels. Lots of pastels. Pink, green, blue, yellow, peach… ugg! So off to WallyWorld instead. Found a pair of capri pants in tan, and 3 shirts. Blue, aqua (but dark aqua), and tan. I left all the tags on because she had originally said “not from Walmart”, so oops. LOL It was either that or pastels, ma!

So the cake is in the fridge. Easiest cake I’ve ever iced. The heat here made it literally just ice itself smooth as silk. I did have to encourage it back UP the sides of the cake, though. The icing was pooling so bad it looked like the cake was bulging at the bottom.

Tomorrow will be busy, and I’m afraid very stressful. We’ll have to do the whole cake thing for Mom, but then the bigger problem is Meagan has an ortho appt.

She just came in and told me one of her bands was loose. They were both loose 2 or 3 months back and the ortho was NOT happy. We’re toast tomorrow, what you wanna bet. It doesn’t matter how many times we say “yes, she brushes and flosses, and does the whole nine yards” (we did finally get the whole refusing to brush thing worked out…finally!) and “no, she does NOT wiggle the headgear up and down to get it out”… he still is not happy with us.

So, I’m anticipating him pulling all her metal off tomorrow and declaring it a done deal. Which means, of course, not only are we out close to $3,000, but we’re out that much $$ and still won’t have her bite corrected. In fact, if we lose the orthodontia now, we’ll never be able to correct it, as she only has a year or two (tops!!) left to get it corrected before it’ll require surgery…which the ins. won’t cover and we can’t afford.

With the problems we’ve been having with the Lupron not suppressing puberty, we may well only have a year or less left to grow and get this bite fixed “easily”. Every time I think about it it just makes me sick. We’re soooo close! She is supposed to be in the headgear another 6mo or so. She is 4′ 7″, so only another 5″ to get to 5′. Soooo close on both counts, and it’s seriously looking like both are going to be for naught. Bummer, too, since after her initial catch-up growth we were heading for 5′ 2-3″.

Anyway! I haven’t crocheted much this week, been too tired, and busy with dr appts, blood draws, and phone calls. More of that this week too, as my first dr appt with my LLMD is Tues. Nervous? Yup. That’s a given. Not horribly, though, and I have to say the only explanation for that is Jesus.

I am just going to sit back and let Him run this whole show. I’m just gonna follow His lead, and then I won’t have to worry about nuthin.

Bitty Burgers

Ok. Yes, I know this post is about 3.4 seconds after the last. There is a good reason for that. Simply put? I am a dork. I got on here to post about our Bitty Burgers, and somehow (don’t ask me how) ended up posting, instead, about being 9 years old. So here is what I wanted to share about our burgers…

It’s actually kinda sad. =(

For Mike’s birthday last week, the kids and I decked Dad out in all manner of grilling. Well, except for the apron. I don’t think he’d have worn one anyway… So he has a new grill and a cool Texas flag-themed chair (my man, he loves his state!) and is the new Grill Master around these parts.

So tonight he asked if I wanted hamburgers for dinner. Out he goes to play with starter fluid and FIRE while I cut up and moosh 2 pounds of raw cow into burger shapes. At this point they were not bitty. They were not huge, as I had cut each 1 lb log into 4 patties, but they weren’t bitty, either.

Now, meat does shrink as it cooks. We all know that. We expect that. What we didn’t expect was for it to practically DISAPPEAR! After grilling to a lovely color, Mike decided I better microwave them for the last few degrees of internal doneness because the fat was dripping onto the coals and now there were angry flames trying to devour (or at least char) our burgers before they could reach the 180 F that we were shooting for. So he brought them in, and I popped them in the nuker.

At this point, they were understandably somewhat smaller than they’d started out. After all, meat shrinks as it cooks. Two minutes in the nuker, I thought, should do it. Not so. The thermometer was still only peaking at about 120-130.

Back in they went. Five minutes this time. Still only around 130-140 or so. WHAT? Ok… another 5min. SURELY, I thought, this would be enough. This would make who-knows-how-long on the grill plus 12 minutes in the microwave.

When the nuker beeped, I immediately hopped up to go check the temp. I reckoned maybe the patties were cooling off before I could get my slow tookus over there with the thermometer. I was much quicker this time. Internal temp?

150 F. Barely.

Regardless, we declared them more than done. They absolutely HAD to be, as any longer in the magic microwave and they would have been gone completely! We didn’t have hamburgers anymore, we had Bitty Burgers. (That, disgustingly enough, were swimming in a sizzling lake of greasy fat.)

Seriously these suckers were smaller than the infamous White Castle burgers. No lie. They would have been a huge hit at a toddler’s Mini-Everything birthday party. Though… I’m not sure where you would find buns small enough. They were about 1.5″ in diameter. Soooo cute! Good thing I’d put together 8 patties even though Matthew was staying the night with a friend. Since one had jumped ship grill during the initial warming phase we were down to 7 Bitty Burgers for the 3 of us.

Seven burgers for three people. Not NEARLY enough considering it took 3 patties to mostly fill the hamburger bun. Four if you were using regular white bread. Well, at least we had tater tots and cottage cheese…

One scrape (not bite, these suckers were petrified beyond bite-capabilities…the teeth just scraped down the side) later and Mike declared two things:

  1. I am to only purchase the more expensive LEAN meat from now on. The leanest I can find.
  2. Tonight’s burgers would be furnished by Dairy Queen.

Whatever you do… don’t be 9 years old!

Matthew has had a couple of interesting days. He saw the new pediatrician yesterday. She is SO not happy that he has had to be on so much medicine “every day of his life” and so is running some RAST testing to find out what enviros he is allergic to so we can look at “immunotherapy“. We were having to pull out the big-gun words because Mr. Smarty-Words had already started freakin’ out over the whole “vaccine” thing. Having just read about Salk and the polio vaccine in history… he was totally clued in to what would be taking place in the next few minutes.

So this is cool! Maybe she can get him off the massive doses of antihistamine, and the other half-a-dozen things he’s been relying on to keep his asthma and allergies under control. She also signed the paperwork for the Lyme testing without batting an eyelash. In fact, she was WAY cool with it. yea!! So after a couple of pokes yesterday, and then the blood draw today (for which the dr gave him some numbing cream…yea again!!), he was feeling very put-out.

As we left the dr office after the vaccines yesterday, I said something like, “So was it as bad as you thought it would be?” To which he replied, “Yes. It hurt, but it still didn’t hurt as much as giving away the dogs. I still miss them.” The last half of which I had to squint to understand through the high-pitched whine and tears. Poor kid.

After the blood draw today he declared that he hated the age of 9. It has been the worst year of his life, ever! he says. I can kinda see where he would think that… giving up the dogs, getting into big trouble with the police, missing out on a fishing trip with his pastor, and now… horror of horrors… shots and blood draws! Actually, it is likely to get worse for him, as I can not homeschool this coming year. That means Mr. EXTREME-O Shy will have to go to a school of some sort. That is not going to be easy on him.

Even so, personally I would think Meagan has had a rougher year, though to be sure her yuckiness started back at 9.5, so maybe there is something to that whole the-age-of-9-is-the-worst after all. She’s had braces put on, an ingrown toenail cut-out, started monthly OW! shots, had a case of stomach bug that left her puking every 30min for about 12hr, gotten glasses, had a huge abscess from one of those monthly shots that then drained… at school, had 7 teeth pulled at once, and added another nightly shot.

Ya know? Now that I really think about it? I was 9 when I had a slumber party that only 2 girls out of the whole class showed up to, we moved into my aunt’s on-the-market-home and then into an apartment, discovered that homeschooling did NOT mean you didn’t have to do schoolwork, and got my face slammed into the concrete by the girl next door. Oh, and I had two break-ups. One boyfriend moved, handing me off to his best friend, and then *I* moved.

Oh the horrors of being 9!! I wonder if anything horrible happened to Mike when he was 9. Doesn’t matter. I definitely had it worse, don’t you think? ;-)

Change is in the air

Woohoo! I got another section of my super-secret crochet project done. One more big section, then some smaller ones and it’ll be ready for the unveiling. yippee! I’m hoping only another 3 or 4 weeks, but it will totally depend on how cooperative my hands and TIREDNESS are. =)

If they would cooperate, the insomnia (yeah, I know, you’d THINK that being tired would make insomnia an impossibility, wouldn’t ya? You’d be wrong, though. ugg!) would maybe be a good thing, allowing me to work on it more. Right? Hey, there’s got to be a silver lining in here somewhere. No really, I know there truly is. ALL things work together for the GOOD of those who love the Lord, remember.

Mike’s shifts are switching as of next week. Well, part of it is, anyway. Instead of M-F 10pm-6am, he’ll be working T & F 6am-6pm and S & S 10pm-6am. Messed up, huh?

I’m hoping it’ll end up being a good thing, though. I think it might be. I mean I know his sleep is going to be even more messed up for awhile, BUT I think the having to keep switching will actually encourage him to really TRY to get a sleep schedule going. As it is he sleeps only 2-3hr at a time because he doesn’t really try to make the days night or the nights day. Plus this will give us 2 days during the week in which he’ll be sleeping nights AND be home/available during the day.

He’ll have to sleep for awhile Monday mornings, then sleep nights again till Saturday, when he’ll need to sleep Saturday afternoon so he can work that night. That means that Tuesdays and Wednesdays he’ll have slept the night before and will be sleeping that night, so will be home and AWAKE both during the day.

I KNOW this will be a good thing, because I can try to make all my dr appointments (and the kids out-of-town ones, as well) on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. This way Mike will be able to drive me and I won’t have to feel guilty about him losing sleep-time over it either!

I’ve been so excited for this it’s pathetic. lol Not “coincidentally” my first dr appointment is on a Tuesday. When I told Mike he said “Good, I’ll be able to take you.” YES!!!!!!!! I’m doing an ecstatic happy dance. Woohoohoo! I didn’t even have to ASK him.

My honey…he’s been so sweet and concerned. And there I had been scared-to-death that he, too, would think I was making stuff up or else just would not be interested or care. He did think I was being stubborn and procrastinatin’ about some things, though. This was when I was hurting so bad last week and he wanted to take me to the dr and I was beggin’ him not to because I still hadn’t been able to check about the health insurance yet. So I might have been stubborn, but not really procrastinating… so much. lol

The sucky parts of the shift change, though (aside from being 2 different schedules!) are: he has to work this Sat and Sun night, which will be days 6 and 7 in a row; and he’ll be leaving the house around 4:30-5:00 AM!! on Thurs and Fri. Man I hope he doesn’t want me to get up and cook eggs for him! LOL I’ll have to start packing some big lunches for him, too, since it’s 12hr shifts, and he’ll have to have food to take his pills with. Lots of water, too, I hope, since this is Texas and it’s summertime.

I think the kids are finally asleep, so I guess I’ll get back to crochetin’ while the crochetin’ is good. ;-)

The kitten has landed and other Thursday tales

So the dogs went… and sooner than expected… in came the kitty.

Yuppers, skippers. We have a kitten. A little gray tabby kitten, presumed to be female (like I’m gonna check…even if I did I would never be able to tell at this age because like I don’t know a thing about cats), and named Chloe. She’s been here one week now, and she actually went through 3 name changes the first day. First she was Heidi, then Clover, then Brogan, and finally the kids settled on Chloe.

It’s definitely her name, though. It’s weird, but I had actually thought of Chloe myself before the kids came up with it. That’s creepily reminiscent of how Mike and I chose Meagan’s first AND middle names (a month apart, by the way). We both kinda came up with them on our own and when we discovered that fact…well, obviously there was no other option, then, huh? =)

I would show you a pic since true to prior pet history the kids have taken approximately 19,236 pictures of the new little one, BUT true to prior digital camera unloading history… I haven’t. So the camera is full and the computer, and by extension this blog post, is not.

S’alright, though. Just imagine a teensy little thing small enough to sit in even the kids’ hands. Dark and light gray stripes, with a dark-tipped tail, and the prettiest little blue eyes you ever did see.

Ok, ok. I confess. I’m smitten with the kitten.

And my cat-allergy? Well it was a problem the first couple of days and so I did the Benadryl thing until I could get to the store and get some Claritin. I took that once, and have forgotten every night since, but the eyes and nose? Doin’ just fine, thank you.

Maybe I’m just allergic to new kittens or cats that don’t like to curl up in my lap for their nap.

The kids had cleaned their room (I know, I think I just fell over dead, too!) a couple of days ago, but then one or the other of them got this creative spark that caught fire.

Tonight I had to bulldoze my way through the tangles of cardboard boxes, wood, and duct tape that they’ve declared is “Chloe’s Playground”. It completely fills their room. Seriously. And it’s a big room, too.

I’m so glad this creative spark did not come a month ago. Can you imagine the size of the playground they’d have made for Butterscotch and Brownie? Those pets were bigger than Matthew, whereas this one is only slightly bigger than my coffee cup! I guess that playground would’ve covered the HOUSE, so basically I’d have to blog from the interior of a cardboard box and duck every time the basketball sized bouncy monkey came swinging in from where it was duct-taped to the skylight.

I’m thinking Chloe might make the blogging a bit safer… at least until she learns cats are meant to walk across the keyboard while you attempt to type. Maybe she’ll be too busy with the ramps and skylights and hangy-down-thingies in her playground to ever figure that out.

In other news:

Mike has put me in charge of taking care of the weeds and has declared that under no circumstances am I to go anywhere near the trees. Franny the Fern is looking a little… ummmm… well, she has a fast-receding hairline I guess. And what’s left isn’t just real healthy looking. I think she might need a VO5 hot oil treatment or something. =/

I did get a little housework done today, and shockers of shockers… I even got the kids to help. Basically I told them uh-uh-no-way to any and all fun ANYTHING until we had the dining room clean. (Just one room. The three of us. Not great expectations. Just a leetle was what I was aiming for…) I swept the entire floor into a pile and the kids were told to pick out what was not trash and put it away. Then I had Meagan dustpan it all into the trash, I cleared and wiped down the table, and Matthew picked up some of his strewn school stuff. Then I mopped. I also gave Meagan a little help (shhhhh!) with her chore of dishes by unloading 2x and loading once without her knowing. I did this because I wanted to actually find the countertops sometime this week. I even made dinner tonight! Tacos, rice, and beans. Mmmm!

After having done so much today, I decided I could do a little fun stuff and not feel too guilty, so I got out the super-secret crochet project I have going (I’m actually about half…maybe more… done, so it IS coming along…) and popped in the Mythbusters DVD from Netflix that finally resurfaced.

I only managed about 15 stitches before my hands and fingers were screaming “We’re tired. PLEASE don’t make us do this. Ok, that’s it, we’re going to outright revolt, and HURT on top of being tired.”

Pathetic, huh? Some days it’s like that. Other days? Well sometimes I can crochet for 2, 3, even 4 hours (at a pretty steady quick clip) with no problem whatsoever. If you’re wondering how I can type but not crochet– crocheting means fingers held in towards hand with tension, typing has fingers spread out… crocheting requires arms to move and hang in the air to a certain degree, typing means (for me because I am a lazy typer) my arms nearly glued to the desktop and fingers resting on keys. Oh, yeah and pills. =)

So anyway I gave it up and just watched the show…with a snoozing kitten in my skirt-turned-kitten-hammock.

Then I got the kids to bed (all three…two in their beanbags, and the littlest one is curled up in the dustpan…I have no idea why) with minimal muss and now I’m going to go watch another episode of Mythbusters and go beddy-bye myself.

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