The kitten has landed and other Thursday tales

So the dogs went… and sooner than expected… in came the kitty.

Yuppers, skippers. We have a kitten. A little gray tabby kitten, presumed to be female (like I’m gonna check…even if I did I would never be able to tell at this age because like I don’t know a thing about cats), and named Chloe. She’s been here one week now, and she actually went through 3 name changes the first day. First she was Heidi, then Clover, then Brogan, and finally the kids settled on Chloe.

It’s definitely her name, though. It’s weird, but I had actually thought of Chloe myself before the kids came up with it. That’s creepily reminiscent of how Mike and I chose Meagan’s first AND middle names (a month apart, by the way). We both kinda came up with them on our own and when we discovered that fact…well, obviously there was no other option, then, huh? =)

I would show you a pic since true to prior pet history the kids have taken approximately 19,236 pictures of the new little one, BUT true to prior digital camera unloading history… I haven’t. So the camera is full and the computer, and by extension this blog post, is not.

S’alright, though. Just imagine a teensy little thing small enough to sit in even the kids’ hands. Dark and light gray stripes, with a dark-tipped tail, and the prettiest little blue eyes you ever did see.

Ok, ok. I confess. I’m smitten with the kitten.

And my cat-allergy? Well it was a problem the first couple of days and so I did the Benadryl thing until I could get to the store and get some Claritin. I took that once, and have forgotten every night since, but the eyes and nose? Doin’ just fine, thank you.

Maybe I’m just allergic to new kittens or cats that don’t like to curl up in my lap for their nap.

The kids had cleaned their room (I know, I think I just fell over dead, too!) a couple of days ago, but then one or the other of them got this creative spark that caught fire.

Tonight I had to bulldoze my way through the tangles of cardboard boxes, wood, and duct tape that they’ve declared is “Chloe’s Playground”. It completely fills their room. Seriously. And it’s a big room, too.

I’m so glad this creative spark did not come a month ago. Can you imagine the size of the playground they’d have made for Butterscotch and Brownie? Those pets were bigger than Matthew, whereas this one is only slightly bigger than my coffee cup! I guess that playground would’ve covered the HOUSE, so basically I’d have to blog from the interior of a cardboard box and duck every time the basketball sized bouncy monkey came swinging in from where it was duct-taped to the skylight.

I’m thinking Chloe might make the blogging a bit safer… at least until she learns cats are meant to walk across the keyboard while you attempt to type. Maybe she’ll be too busy with the ramps and skylights and hangy-down-thingies in her playground to ever figure that out.

In other news:

Mike has put me in charge of taking care of the weeds and has declared that under no circumstances am I to go anywhere near the trees. Franny the Fern is looking a little… ummmm… well, she has a fast-receding hairline I guess. And what’s left isn’t just real healthy looking. I think she might need a VO5 hot oil treatment or something. =/

I did get a little housework done today, and shockers of shockers… I even got the kids to help. Basically I told them uh-uh-no-way to any and all fun ANYTHING until we had the dining room clean. (Just one room. The three of us. Not great expectations. Just a leetle was what I was aiming for…) I swept the entire floor into a pile and the kids were told to pick out what was not trash and put it away. Then I had Meagan dustpan it all into the trash, I cleared and wiped down the table, and Matthew picked up some of his strewn school stuff. Then I mopped. I also gave Meagan a little help (shhhhh!) with her chore of dishes by unloading 2x and loading once without her knowing. I did this because I wanted to actually find the countertops sometime this week. I even made dinner tonight! Tacos, rice, and beans. Mmmm!

After having done so much today, I decided I could do a little fun stuff and not feel too guilty, so I got out the super-secret crochet project I have going (I’m actually about half…maybe more… done, so it IS coming along…) and popped in the Mythbusters DVD from Netflix that finally resurfaced.

I only managed about 15 stitches before my hands and fingers were screaming “We’re tired. PLEASE don’t make us do this. Ok, that’s it, we’re going to outright revolt, and HURT on top of being tired.”

Pathetic, huh? Some days it’s like that. Other days? Well sometimes I can crochet for 2, 3, even 4 hours (at a pretty steady quick clip) with no problem whatsoever. If you’re wondering how I can type but not crochet– crocheting means fingers held in towards hand with tension, typing has fingers spread out… crocheting requires arms to move and hang in the air to a certain degree, typing means (for me because I am a lazy typer) my arms nearly glued to the desktop and fingers resting on keys. Oh, yeah and pills. =)

So anyway I gave it up and just watched the show…with a snoozing kitten in my skirt-turned-kitten-hammock.

Then I got the kids to bed (all three…two in their beanbags, and the littlest one is curled up in the dustpan…I have no idea why) with minimal muss and now I’m going to go watch another episode of Mythbusters and go beddy-bye myself.


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