So there hasn’t been much blogging going on…

Overall there hasn’t been much blogging going on the last month or two. I think it might have something to do with the fact that overall I’ve been feeling worse and worse the last month or two. Ok, so I’ve been getting progressively worse for months on end. Time to shake things up a bit, perhaps?

Today is Father’s Day. I wish I had more oomph to be excited. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. Ditto.

I always have a booger of a time figuring out what to get Mike for gift-giving occasions. Not so much because “he has everything and wants nothing”, but more because he always wants the same stuff, and I don’t like giving the same thing every time. DVDs. That pretty much sums it up. Oh, and summer sausage, extra sharp cheddar cheese, and Hershey kisses. Sure he’d love a laptop and a DVD recorder where he could transfer his VHS tapes over, but we can’t afford either of those.

So this gift-giving occasion, I totally went with the no-thinking-involved Hershey kisses and a Mr. Bean DVD. I’m so uninspired right now.

Now for my mom’s birthday(She’ll be 52 years young. And she’s proud of each one of them. You go girl!)… going with the no-thinking-involved there, too…sorta. I just asked her want she wanted and then did my best. She said she wanted a capri set, but not pink or pastel. So I go to the store and find capri sets… in black (she already has), red (I have, so she didn’t want to do), and pastels. Lots of pastels. Pink, green, blue, yellow, peach… ugg! So off to WallyWorld instead. Found a pair of capri pants in tan, and 3 shirts. Blue, aqua (but dark aqua), and tan. I left all the tags on because she had originally said “not from Walmart”, so oops. LOL It was either that or pastels, ma!

So the cake is in the fridge. Easiest cake I’ve ever iced. The heat here made it literally just ice itself smooth as silk. I did have to encourage it back UP the sides of the cake, though. The icing was pooling so bad it looked like the cake was bulging at the bottom.

Tomorrow will be busy, and I’m afraid very stressful. We’ll have to do the whole cake thing for Mom, but then the bigger problem is Meagan has an ortho appt.

She just came in and told me one of her bands was loose. They were both loose 2 or 3 months back and the ortho was NOT happy. We’re toast tomorrow, what you wanna bet. It doesn’t matter how many times we say “yes, she brushes and flosses, and does the whole nine yards” (we did finally get the whole refusing to brush thing worked out…finally!) and “no, she does NOT wiggle the headgear up and down to get it out”… he still is not happy with us.

So, I’m anticipating him pulling all her metal off tomorrow and declaring it a done deal. Which means, of course, not only are we out close to $3,000, but we’re out that much $$ and still won’t have her bite corrected. In fact, if we lose the orthodontia now, we’ll never be able to correct it, as she only has a year or two (tops!!) left to get it corrected before it’ll require surgery…which the ins. won’t cover and we can’t afford.

With the problems we’ve been having with the Lupron not suppressing puberty, we may well only have a year or less left to grow and get this bite fixed “easily”. Every time I think about it it just makes me sick. We’re soooo close! She is supposed to be in the headgear another 6mo or so. She is 4′ 7″, so only another 5″ to get to 5′. Soooo close on both counts, and it’s seriously looking like both are going to be for naught. Bummer, too, since after her initial catch-up growth we were heading for 5′ 2-3″.

Anyway! I haven’t crocheted much this week, been too tired, and busy with dr appts, blood draws, and phone calls. More of that this week too, as my first dr appt with my LLMD is Tues. Nervous? Yup. That’s a given. Not horribly, though, and I have to say the only explanation for that is Jesus.

I am just going to sit back and let Him run this whole show. I’m just gonna follow His lead, and then I won’t have to worry about nuthin.


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