So I went to a doctor…

…and he said I was sick. Imagine that!!

That hasn’t happened in I don’t know how many years. Ok, so I haven’t been to a doctor in I don’t know how many years, either, but oh well. lol

Actually this doctor said I was REALLY sick. He even talked to Mike after the appointment and told him I was “one sick puppy”. I thought that was cute. =) Anyway.

I am pretty sure he diagnosed me with Bartonella as well as the Lyme, and I think he suspects at least a couple other co-infections. He had testing done for Babesia (which is a cousin to malaria) and something else (don’t remember what), and wanted to test for Q-Fever, whatever that is, but it wasn’t on the Igenex order sheet.

He was originally going to test for Bartonella and something else, but since all these tick-borne diseases are clinical diagnoses because of the limited reliability of the current testing AND I don’t have insurance picking up the cost of these tests… he scratched out the Bartonella and one other test. That’s why I say I’m pretty sure he diagnosed Bartonella along with the Lyme. He didn’t actually SAY (or if he did I don’t remember, but that wouldn’t surprise me either since I was MEGA confused and flustered during the appt.), but he said if I was ok treating based on symptoms we could save the cost of those tests.

So, it seems I will be getting worse before I get better, so if the blogging REALLY slows down…you’ll know why.

Also he seemed impressed(?) that I was able to go right to the front of the line in terms of figuring out what was wrong and finding the right doctor. He said that most people spend years and years and see dozens of doctors, spending thousands and thousands of money before figuring out what was wrong. I told him honestly, “The Lord has blessed me greatly in being able to figure out what was going on and getting right to it.”

Praise the Lord! =)

Doc also said to remember that I can get well and the kids can get well. Sounds kinda weird hearing that, because it’s still sinking in that I’m sick. I mean I know I hurt and I can’t think worth a flip, but a lot of what he calls “symptoms”, I’ve called “normal, everyday stuff” for years and years.

It’s still hard for me to even use that word about myself…”symptoms”. In all honesty, I don’t think I HAVE used it out loud yet. I just can’t seem to bring myself to; I always skirt around that word and try to change the subject.

Part of it is I’m not used to having “permission” to be sick. I’m the mom. I can’t be sick, ya know? I gotta do what needs to be done, and besides… every weird, odd whatever (see? that “s” word still won’t flow…) I’ve ever mentioned has always been dismissed as normal.

Well, it turns out it’s NOT normal to black out when you “stand up too fast”, or get hives every time you take a shower, or have heart flutters all the time, or be super weak or tired with no energy for years on end, or have shooting pains or tingles or numb spots, or aching knees from obviously degenerating cartlidge (at age 26y), or muscle twitches several times a day in different spots, or stepping on electric needles in the morning, or bone pain in my shin and thigh and elsewhere, or dozens of other things that I thought were normal.

Wow, that was a long, rambling sentence. Oh well. At least I’m not writing this for a grade in English class!

Anyway. I’m also very much not used to spending money on myself. Certainly not in the massive amounts we’ve put out in the last two months…and to think… I’ve only seen a dr twice so far, had only a couple of basic blood tests done, and paid for only my first month of meds and supplements. Already the credit card people are rubbing their hands together! lol

Ah well, there too. I know this is where the Lord has led. I know seeing the doc and getting the meds and getting the kids tested and treated as well are all things He wants me to do. I know that He knew we would have these needs before I ever did. He also knew we would not have the means to provide them. He does, though, and so I’m trying hard to just trust Him to do so.

The doc wants to see me again next week to see how I’m adjusting to the meds. I have several and I have to work my way up to full dosage on them all. By next week I’ll only be just at the point of making the first of 4 step-ups to get to full strength. =/

I’m also going to join the land of the needled around here. While Meagan gets 2 sub-q shots a night, I’ll be getting 1 IM shot (of B12) every night. There is NO way I can do that myself (remember? I was taking Meg to the ped every month for her IM…), so Mike has volunteered to learn to give them. Isn’t he summin?! And here I was worried my hubby wouldn’t take care of me! Shame on me!

We’ve already gotten the bloodwork sent off for Matthew, and I’m hoping to hear back next week. Of course, Lyme Disease is a clinical diagnosis, so even if the testing is negative it doesn’t mean he’s clear. Actually my doctor suspects I’ve had Lyme since childhood making it highly LIKELY that I passed it on to the kids. I told him just a little of Matt’s Jekyll/Hyde like stuff and he said we really needed to get him to a LLMD to be evaluated.

Meagan has an appt with the ped in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to try to get her tested then.

Also, as for Matt’s immunotherapy… no solid news yet, but I do have a couple of ideas/leads, so I’m hoping to start figuring that out next week.

I think I’m gonna get. I’ve only had 4 antibiotic pills thus far, and already my joints are hurting worse. Don’t think I’m gonna take too kindly to this “could get better, but it’s gonna get worse first” thing. =( I do have pain pills now, but I’m trying to hang on to them. I don’t know how bad this is gonna get…


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