Not much to say…

There is a cat on my desk. She has decided to help me write this post, I think. She’s cute and sweet, so I guess I’ll let her.

I don’t have anything outstanding to say or report tonight. I don’t have a good reason for not posting, either. I haven’t been just real busy…or real sick… or real anything. Just kinda blah, I guess.

Last week I had a dr appt and it kept getting rescheduled, so my mom ended up having to take me as Mike was working. That meant we had sleepover company (Mom and the boys) for several nights. The housework kinda got ignored, of course. ugg

Monday of this week Meagan FINALLY left for camp. I say FINALLY, because that’s what Meagan said. She has been packed for a week and been trying to pack for about 3 weeks before that. Needless to say she was a little anxious to get underway. So, Monday morning she and he 50 pounds of luggage headed off to camp with the rest of the anxious kiddos.

Matthew, of course, would not go. He had a dr appt already scheduled anyway, though. We did that yesterday and then Mom came back over and stayed the night to do some laundry and then take Matt for a visit.

So, tonight, I just have the one ‘kid’ here… the kitty that is trying to play with the keyboard.

Meagan should be back Friday and then I think we’re going out to Bro3’s place for grilling, pool, and fireworks.

Told you there wasn’t much interesting to report.


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