Meagan’s in a tiff, but I got off my duff

Attitude. She’s ALL about the attitude this week and I have to say…

I do NOT like it!

She is so sassy, disrespectful, stompy, slammy, tantrummy this week. *sigh*

I have to wonder if she is feeling ‘left out’ in that Mom and now Matt are confirmed “Lymies” and are taking medicines. This past year it’s mostly been her that has had the medical attention, what with her braces/headgear, the ingrown toenail, the monthly IM shots and then the second daily sub-q shot instead, and the pulling of the 7 teeth, etc…

She needn’t worry. Her dr appt is Mon, and she’ll be getting more bloodwork done that day, too. I’m sure she’ll turn it into another huge ordeal. And besides, it shouldn’t be too much longer before she starts treatment for the Lyme, too.

My girl. She is so weird. lol

Cool note for today- Guess what I did?!! No really… guess!

I did FOUR loads of laundry (well the 4th is going now) and a load of dishes and made dinner. All in one day! AND… I even folded the WHOLE load each time without my arms giving out! Woohoo!!

In the last two months I haven’t been able to do more than one thing a day. Like wash the load of laundry, but not fold it. Folding would be the next day or two… Make dinner, but no laundry or dishes. Most days that I’ve managed to do ANYTHING this has been it… food, but no cleaning. Cleared the table one day, but of course that was it for the day. You can imagine the state of the house. You probably shouldn’t (it would be much more pleasant for you that way), but you can.

I hope I have at least this much energy tomorrow too. I might actually be able to make a dent in the housework big enough to notice. Maybe I’ll re-discover our forks, as they all seem to have gone missing.


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