More Blessings and Randomness…

The secret to a doctor’s appointment going well? Bathe it in prayer. A lot.

I was approved for the drug manufacturer’s patient assistance program. This means they will supply my meds (well, the ones they make) for the next year! Praise the Lord! We just picked up a 3mo supply of the Zithromax. God is good! He supplies our every need. =)

A seemingly simple 2-day project inevitably stretches into weeks at this house. The super secret surprise for the kids is proving to be MUCH more complicated than I’d originally figured it would be. =(

There are rumblings of a new Moms Night Out kind of thing happening at church. A monthly get-together of moms to do something girlie. I don’t even know what that is, but I’m game for learning! =) A night out sounds WUNDERBAR!

Matthew’s MedicAlert bracelet came in the mail today. He was so excited!

My B12 shot will not be administered tonight (yea! hehe!) because the solution has what looks like teensy tiny STICKS in it! YIKES! Will call pharmacy tomorrow to see what’s up.

It looks like not only is Mom a fellow Lymie, but at least one of her brothers could very well be also. He hasn’t seen a doc about it yet, so of course we can not say for sure, but he sure had a lot of symptoms off the checklist Mom read to him last night.

My two youngest brothers have an appointment in a couple of weeks to look into the Lyme and Co. problem.

Mike’s car is still not fixed, so Mom will be over this week to shuttle the kids back and forth to school on Thurs and Fri again. This is proving to be a bigger hassle for all of us than first anticipated. It’s just ROUGH having two different family make-ups or whatever. First just us, then Mom and the boys also, then us again, then them too again… repeat and repeat. The kids all get on each other’s nerves in about half a nanosecond, and my two get upset about the boys touching any of their things, etc. I’ll be SO glad when Mike gets his car runnin again!


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