A busy week’s board.

This is what’s on my chalkboard right now:


living room
fix shirt (Matt)

dishes – III
laundry – III
D – tuna casserole


dining room
iron Matt’s shirt
copy Lyme papers
reorder supplements

laundry – IIII
D – lasagna


sew up slit in skirt
D – beans and cornbread


laundry room
upload pics to puter

See, I’m kinda sorta trying to get my house CLEAN again. I’ve been so sick for so many months the house was REALLY a disaster zone, but praise the Lord I’m feeling better! =) The last two weeks have been wonderful compared to the last year! The doc has been rotating my meds, so I had 2 wks without one of them and that’s what made the difference. It’s a really potent antibiotic and just knocks me flat when I’m on it. Unfortunely I had to start taking it again today… 2wks on, 2wks off.

So I’m trying to get caught up before the med knocks me flat again. lol

Last week I went through every stinkin (figuratively, not literally… they smelled of lavender laundry sheets…mmmm!) piece of clothing the kids own and we weeded a TON of stuff out. The boys things went to a friend of ours, and the girls things are currently boxed up for another friend. There were a few random pieces that wouldn’t work either place because of sizing and those I’ll list on ebay shortly (thus the upload pics to puter on Thurs). After that was done, I took the kids to a local resale shop and we hit pay dirt on things they needed.

Well, actually we hit pay dirt for Meagan. Matthew got quite a few shirts and a really nice corduroy jacket and when we got home I realized he didn’t NEED anymore long sleeve shirts. He now has 3 people’s worth of shirts, I think. *sigh* Meagan scored 2 really nice skirts and a long sleeve dress for church, a totally cute penguin sweater, and several long sleeve tops. I even picked up two tops and a Christmas sweater for myself.

Then the friend of ours who received the boys clothing (for her little boy, one of Matthew’s best buds), brought over several more nice tops and skirts for Meagan. The dressy skirts are all a little big for her yet since they do not have elastic waists, but the denim skirts fit fine.

THEN, I found a ton of clothes in the hall closet that belong to my folks so they got weeded out as well. I also pulled out a huge box and a huge black trash bag full of boys clothing that I had stored to get rid of years ago and never did. Mostly 4T stuff, but there were some 3T, 2T, and even one 18mo piece in there, too. Matthew wears a 7… and he typically changes sizes VERY slowly… so, yeah, they’d been there awhile.

I have another little boy from church in mind for these things if he’s the right size. If not, I’ll list a bunch of it on ebay with the other things. There’s a couple of brand new with tags still on shirts in there. Matthew is so dadgum picky about what he will and won’t wear…

Oh, and the “fix shirt (Matt)” I did yesterday was a really WILD western shirt I made for him. I made a ‘medium’, because that’s what size the pattern said he would be (well really just smaller than a medium, but the ‘small’ would’ve been TOO small). He tried it on and it fit great everywhere except the sleeves which were a good 2″ too short. I had to go back to W@l-M@rt and buy more fabric and made ‘large’ sleeves to put on the ‘medium’ shirt. Crazy!

I’ll post pics of the western shirt for Matt and the cowgirl skirt I made for Meagan awhile back later this week. I’ll get a pic of him in his shirt tomorrow after I iron it, and then upload it with the others for ebay Thursday.

So that’s what I’ve been up to… filling up the board and then marking things off.


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