It’s Autumn!

Yeah, ok, so I know most of you have already gotten into the whole fall thing, but me? I’m a little slow. For me the season  doesn’t really start until I bake the first pumpkin pies of the year. Since the house has been such a wreck I’ve felt too guilty and overwhelmed to allow myself to do something not necessary… like baking.

This week, though, I busted my little big bohinekeyus getting the house clean by today (Friday). Couple of reasons for the deadline. First because a very good friend of mine mentioned she might come over today and help me brainstorm wonderful ways of ‘fixin’ up’ my place a little in time for the holidays. I used her. I admit it. I have no shame. I TOTALLY used her to keep me accountable! lol

So, here I sit Friday morning at 9:30am in a clean house (well, mostly… the floors need mopping and I didn’t touch the pantry), with the first two pumpkin pies of the season baking in the oven. =)

The second reason for working so hard to have the place cleaned up was because the kids are desperately wanting my friend’s daughter to come stay the night. There is no way in the world I would allow someone else’s kids to stay over here if the place wasn’t clean. I mean, seriously!

So the kids worked on their room and I took the rest of the house. Granted Matthew delayed and delayed and delayed until he was up till 11pm last night and then still had to work some more this morning. He did get it done, though. If her parents are agreeable it looks like the kids’ll have their very first-ever overnight guest! =)

This is more than amazing. It’s God! The kids having friends over has been one of my ultimate goals for YEARS. When my folks were still here that was one of the main things I wished I could change. I knew there were far too many smokers, well and just PEOPLE, really, for anyone to allow their kids even IN the house, let alone stay overnight, and I wanted so badly for the kids to be able to have guests! I hated that they couldn’t, but for the longest there wasn’t anything I could do to change things. I totally thought it was just a pipe dream idea.

Even though my folks and brothers were all moved out a year ago, we still couldn’t have guests. I didn’t get the house presentable at all until probably Feb, and then it didn’t last. I was so sick and so tired by then that I just could not keep up.

Literally only in the last month have I had ANY energy to do anything. Actually, it’s been the last couple of weeks.

There was one other reason for the deadline… to take advantage of the momentary energy. Yeah, momentary. I knew it wouldn’t last because I knew that I’d have to go back on the antibiotic that whoops me so bad. Once that happened, it would be back to bed for me. I figured I’d have 2-3 days after starting it before it caught up to me, and since I had to start it back up Tues…

I have to say… I BARELY made it before my deadline. I was SO exhausted yesterday and ached so bad! I had stragetically planned which rooms to do when, thank goodness! I did my room and the laundry room yesterday, so no real hard scrubbing, mostly just putting things away and sweeping. Whew!

I am not doing much better today. Pain pills got me through yesterday, and I had to start today with a pain pill at 4am! The headache was so bad it woke me up. =(

Oh well.

It’s Autumn and the Holiday Season can start now. I’ve got pies a-bakin’! =)


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