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Count Your Blessings

I think I’m going to make that a new category. Count Your Blessings. =)

Anyway, that’s what I’m going to be doing with this post. Counting my blessings and naming them one by one. God has really been blessing us this week. It seems like every time I turn around there’s another blessing! I just wanted to share. =)

It started Sunday evening after church. Meagan was told to see one of the ladies in the church after the service as she had a surprise for her. She and her daughter had gone shopping and picked out a brand new coat with fur trim and a top for Meagan! She was tickled pink and has been wearing the coat every chance she gets…including 75 degree weather during P.E. class!

After Mike left for work Sunday night, I realized I made a boo-boo and forgot to mention to him that Meagan had to be at school early the next morning (the girls had to leave early for Volleyball competition) and so I would need him to take his car to work and leave the van. He took the van, which meant I’d have to walk her to school since his car is not cleaned out such that more than 1 person can ride in it and I don’t even have keys for it. =(

Monday morning a thunderstorm woke me up about 4am. I said a little prayer that it would quit raining before I had to walk Meagan to school, then tried to go back to sleep. I finally fell asleep again about 5:45am, and the alarm went off 15min later. ugg! It had quit raining, though! Blessing number 2!

I got Meagan ready, pulled my skirt on over my sweats (it was nippy out!), grabbed my sunglasses and when we turned the doorknob to walk out the door, Mike was standing there! Traffic had been light and so he was home a littler earlier than he normally is. Blessing number 3! He took Meagan to school for me and I brewed a pot of coffee and went to wake Matthew up.

After I got Matthew off to school, I had to get ready for my doctor’s appointment. I was actually kinda excited about this trip because a couple of weeks ago I received two coupons in the mail from T@rget. One was for a $20 gift card if I transferred a prescription to their pharmacy and the other was for a $20 gift card if I enrolled in their pharmacy reward program. I had already checked their $4 generic list and discovered that one of my antibiotics (the one I rotate 2wks on and 2wks off) was on their $4 list, and so I was looking forward to going shopping. =) Blessing number 4!

At my doctor’s appointment, I was much more at ease than normal and was able to communicate a little better with my doc. I also was able to walk in a straight line heel-to-toe without looking at my feet for the first time since I started treatment! I was wobbly, but I did make it! Before I couldn’t even take one step without falling over. My doc was pleased with my progress overall, too. Blessing number 5! When I went to set up my next appointment and pay out, the bill was just over HALF what I’d expected! Blessing number 6!

Next stop was the lab for my monthly bloodwork. I had a little longer wait than normal, but the draw went easy-peasy.

At T@rget, we were told it would be a 2 hour wait for my prescription transfer, so Mike and I got hot dogs and cokes, then went shopping. We split up for awhile at first (he wanted to look at DVDs, I had a short list of specific clothing items for kids I wanted to try and find), and then we did some browsing together and actually had a good time. I didn’t find everything I was wanting, but I definitely spent the gift cards!

I got some stocking stuffers for the kids, a bunch of clips to convert regular hangers to skirt hangers (one of the things I was specifically after), a chess/checkers set for the kids, and a few other things that I can’t think of right this second. lol The bill after the gift cards was under $40.

When we finally got through with T@rget, we headed to Jo@anns so I could try and pick up some things on my list there. I only found one thing on my list, but oh well. What I picked up was several fat quarters of quilting fabric in Christmas colors for a project I have planned. Still looking for my blue fabric with trains, unfortunely… The bill was under $30.

Between the two shopping stops, I spent less than I saved at the doctor’s office. We left the house expecting to be out the full cost of the doctor appointment, so it was kinda like going to the doctor and then getting all my shopping done for free! Blessing number 7!

Tuesday we had to pick the kids up early from school because Meagan had an out-of-town doctor’s appointment with her endocrinologist. We got there almost an hour early (traffic was less than expected) and so we went down to the cafeteria to get the kids a drink and a bag of chips. We picked up our drinks and snacks, paid out (under $15) and found a table in the corner. We had just barely gotten seated when a woman carrying a CUTE little one walked up and asked if we’d like a cheese pizza. She said her mom wanted to buy us one if we would like one.

I stammered and stumbled all over myself and probably came off as being completely ungrateful (which I was NOT), but I was just so shocked!! I told her I appreciated the offer, but she really didn’t have to do that. I was fine, didn’t want a pizza, etc. She said her mom likes to do random things and it makes her happy, and so Mike said yeah she could and thanked her (as I did, of course!). So a little while later we had a cheese pizza for dinner. Blessing number 8!

That one was really cool because it sparked a conversation amongst us all about how God had just provided our dinner for us in a most unexpected way without us having to do a thing for it. I was able to point that out to Mike and I also told him a little about George Meuller and how he prayed all the food for his orphanage down, never asking anyone for anything. This was big to me because it wasn’t but a couple of weeks or so ago that Mike was talking about how he didn’t see any way that God could provide $$ for us to get out of debt and that He didn’t seem to be taking care of our finances thus far, etc. This was a BEAUTIFUL illustration that just because WE can not see any way possible, does not mean GOD doesn’t have a way.

The appointment went fine. We had to wait a long time, but she’s actually regressed in her pubertal development (good thing!) and the doc said we’d probably try to stop the Luprolide Acetate that is keeping her from going through puberty before Christmas in 2009.

When we left and I set up her next appointment, they scheduled it and handed me the little appointment reminder card. The date looked familiar, so I flipped to Jan in my planner. Sure enough, Matthew has an appointment with the endocrinologist the same day, but about an hour and a half earlier! Only one trip for both kids! Blessing number 9!

After the appointment we went to Costco and picked up some things and filled the van’s tank up. It was about 8pm by the time we got home, so that cheese pizza really was our dinner! =)

Wednesday I slept until time to get the kids from school. I have been hurting bad lately and been so, so tired because of the antibiotics. I started my 2wk OFF rotation Tuesday, but it takes a few days to get out of my system. With the outings Monday and Tuesday, I was more than whooped.

Wednesday afternoon Matthew had another appointment with the pediatrician. It looks like we are finally on the right track with his meds again. She also gave me scripts for an anti-yeast medicine the kids will be taking for the next 3 wks or so. Then I had to ask her (cause I’d promised Mom) if she would be willing to take my brothers on as patients. She said yes, but she doesn’t take Medicaid (which they have). Then she said she would even be willing to do so on charity! (WOW! Blessing number 10 in a big way!) Only thing is since she wouldn’t be their main doc, Medicaid wouldn’t pay for any referrals they might need later on. So it’s not official yet that they will be seeing her. Mom is planning on going with me the next time I take the kids in to talk to her about maybe finding a way to do this thing. =)

That’s 10 pretty big blessings in just 4 short days, folks! God is so good to us! =)


Halloween ’08

We didn’t do much for Halloween this year. We have in the past gone trick or treating, but this year the kids just hung out with a friend and passed out treat bags (pencils, bubbles, candy, and tracts with Halloween puzzles) to the trick-or-treaters that came by our house.

Even still, Meagan decided she had to dress up. She came up with the idea on her own, called her daddy on his way home from work, and asked him to pick up some more foil. Look at my goofy girl…


She had the glasses (her real prescription glasses!) wrapped a week in advance!


Then she added a hat…


I thought the spider web on the railing would look better on her…


When asked what she was, she struck a pose and replied, “Iron Woman”. She looks more like a robot to me, though.


I did let the kids go next door and ‘trick-or-treat’. They went early on, then went back again awhile later, when things seemed to be dying down. When Meagan came back, it looked like they pretty much unloaded the rest of their stash into her bucket. Matt decided he needed to go back over there and get loaded up, too.


Looks like they really had unloaded all their candy into Meg’s bucket… Matt came back with STEAK!! He said they were arguing about trying to tell him how to cook it before he left. He was so excited to get frozen steak! HAHA

Oh, and if you’re wondering what is up with his arms… the kids were playing with the tape we’d used on Meagan’s foil costume… wrapping it around each other. He went to the neighbor’s taped up like that, the nut!

Cowgirl Skirt, finally.

As promised, here are a couple of pics of the cowgirl skirt I made for Meagan.

She is a twirly girl, for sure!

I did not get pics of the western shirt I made for Matthew, but only because he whipped it off and changed into another shirt before I could snap one. =/ I’m gonna have to pin him down once I get it washed again, I think.

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