Christmas Kittens

Oh my, my, my! Have we ever been busy! So much to catch up on and so much left to do before Christmas! Yikes!

Ok I guess the bad news first. Our precious little Chloe is gone. She got out the day after Thanksgiving and we haven’t seen her since. I seriously think somebody saw our sweet kitty with her brand new Christmas collar and picked her up as a gift for the holidays. I just hope they take good care of her and love her as much as we did. We still miss her. A lot. That sweet little thing was such a good little kitty. Wanted to be held all the time and was never mean.

We have lots of good news, though! We got the front hall painted to match the living room (pics soon, I promise!), and I’m now working on finding pieces to add to it for decoration as well as utility. I found a little mirror at a resale shop about a week ago that I’m going to repaint and hang in there for a start.

The kids have competed in tennis, cross country, quotation of bible verses, bowling, and several other things I’m forgetting and have done well in them all. Matthew placed first in memory verses and Meagan took 5th. Matthew also placed first in boys tennis doubles, and 2nd in singles. There were some 4th and 5th place ribbons and a 3rd mixed in there somewhere too. I just can’t remember who did what.

I have most of my Christmas shopping done now, so once I get the house put back together I can get started on making fudge and cookies and pies! It’s more than a little messy right now. =(

Matthew meds have been switched all around over and over again. Right now he’s taking one of the same antibiotics I am, and I think it’s starting to kick his booty. I had to pick him up from school today because he was hurting and felt like throwing up.

We go back to the doctor Thursday, so we’ll see what she says then. I see my doc Thursday, too. AND… Meagan sees the orthodontist Thursday morning to pick up her retainers. She got her braces off last week and was sooo excited! She got a baggy of previously forbidden candy and a gift card to Blockbuster.

I took Meagan and had her pictures made just before getting the braces off. I’ll have to post that pic, too. It turned out really nice. She looks so much like her grandma (my mom)!!

Then this afternoon Mike and I brought home twins! Yes twins! One boy kitty and one girl kitty. Eight weeks old. They are so adorable, and the kids were SO surprised there were TWO of them! AHAHA

They explored a bit, drank a little milk, and now they’re snuggled together inside a straw wreath under the Christmas tree. So sweet!

I hope to get pics of the kitties and the new hall up tomorrow. I know, I know… I always say that and never do, but I AM going to try. I still need to get a pic of Matt in his western shirt I made him, too.

Better go get the big two kids to bed. I’ll try to do better at posting. It’s just been SOOO hectic around here the last 3-4wks what with the painting, the holidays, and then Dad being in and out of the hospital again. He’s back out now and doing good so maybe we have all that behind us now. =)


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