Just call me Queen of Domesticity!

So I’m looking at that column over on the right there and I see “Recent Posts” and laugh out loud. Seriously. Cause while a couple of those listed there are kinda recent, the others most assuredly are NOT.

Guess what! I didn’t get the pics posted yet. And I won’t tonight either! So sue me. I did warn you, after all.

Thing is, while taking pictures is easy enough with the dig cam, getting them on the computer is a little more difficult.

I have to take the card out of the camera and put it into Mike’s computer, download the pics, then come in here to my computer and transfer them from computer to computer. THEN and only then can I crop, lighten, rotate, etc, and then post them on here.

Iit is something that only happens when Mike is at work AND I remember to go do it. What generally happens is that one or the other qualifications fits…but not both.

Will I get the pictures put up tomorrow? Possibly.

Here’s the thing… I am DESPERATELY trying to get the house picked up completely (well as completely as possible with 2 pre-teens, 2 kittens, and 1 husband…lol) and get the laundry and dishes caught up (again with the “as possible” line). That means that I will most likely be running around the house like a rusty tin woman looking for an oilcan. That is I’ll be creaking around as fast as I can but probably not actually achieving much.

I say that because it seems like I can get a fair amount done one day, but not so much two days in a row. Since I managed to get about 6 loads of laundry done, mail several auction sales out at the post office, fax some paperwork to my doctor’s office, dinner cooked, one kid picked up early from school, quick trip to the store for clear soda and packing tape, second kid picked up not-early from school, second coat of Bistro White painted on the little mirror I found at the resale shop a couple of weeks ago, one bill paid online, coatrack and mirror hung in the hall, most of the living room picked up, and most of the dining room table cleared all with only taking 2 doses of tylenol (no pain meds) today…

Yeah, chances are good tomorrow will see me playing the part of Rustola. =/

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do with this blog in the next year. I’ve been blogging (with no audience except myself, but that’s ok) for almost a year now with really no direction whatsover. On the whole I like the loose, unscripted way of blogging. I’m not sure I want to NEVER have any direction for this thing though.

I’ve got a few ideas percolatin’ in my little pea-pecker. Nothing spectacular, but ideas nevertheless.

I know one thing I want to try and change around here… more pics! =)


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