Rustola on the move…yeah right.

Well I didn’t wake up hurting nearly as bad as I thought I would. I wasn’t completely rusted over, in other words. Which is good because I really, really want to get a lot done today.

Which explains why I have been sitting here for almost 2.5hr reading blogs. YIKES!

Ok, so I have gotten a teensy bit done. For instance, the kids? At school, thank ye. The dishwasher? Running.

That’s pretty much it. =(  But hey! It’s cold! It was 22 degrees outside when I took the kids to school yesterday. The temp peaked at 29. Seriously. This morning it was 19! NINETEEN! That’s like a whole lot below freezing.

Since we have such a big house (no really… it’s only a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, but it was built almost 100 yrs ago, these rooms are HUGE), and only one gas space heater (ok, two if you count the one in the bathroom), you can imagine it’s been a bit nippy here.

That said, you would think that when I start emptying the four billion glasses and cups that my TWO children use in the space of nine seconds to load the dishwasher the milk that they swore they were going to drink (and didn’t!) would either clunk into the sink like a giant milk popsicle (because really it feels like the house is a freezer!) or pour out smoothly (because while it FEELS like a freezer, the ambient temperature in the house is probably closer to that of the refridgerator than the freezer…).

So wanna guess what that milk did? Did it clunk or did it pour?









Schlop! It SCHLOPPED out of those glasses. Like the nasty thick, curdled milk frosties they were!

Dee-squs-ting!! >=Þ


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