Lots of gifts this year, plus a BIG one from God

This is going to be my Christmas post. Ok so it’s a couple of days late, but I’ve been busy!

Christmas morning we were awakened at 4am by our oh-so-lovely children. We made them go back to bed, of course.

Around 7am or so, back in they came and we all went out to see what Santa and his elves had left under the tree.

We were informed (before we’d ever left the bedroom) by Matthew that Santa brought us a Wii!

Woohoo! We have a Wii! =)

The stockings for all (even the kitties!) were plum full of treats to eat and toys to play with. Hair pretties, keychains that beep when you whistle, tops that jump 8ft in the air, and lots of chocolate.

The kids then proceeded to unwrap the rest of their loot in 2.9 seconds flat. A new record!

Meagan got a pretty fairy water globe, a backpack, a GameCube controller, and a Mermaidia Gazebo, Barbecue Grill, and patio furniture for her Barbies, and Matthew got a RC helicopter, a GameCube controller, a Spiderman puzzle, and a giant book of Snoopy cartoons, a copy of Where the Red Fern Grows, and an Indiana Jones LEGO set. Then they both opened the box from Mom and Dad (actually that was the first one they opened after the stockings, but whatever). I had been collecting up desk ‘stuff’ for them for a couple of months, and so I wrapped each piece individually (magnet clip by itself, memo pad by itself, calendar by itself, pkg of pens by itself, etc) and then put them all in a big box and wrapped that up nice and pretty.

Good thing I’d managed (with help from Mom and Mike) to get their desks functional (not finished, but functional) just before Christmas!

I got Mike a game called Pharoah for the computer. I’ve played it before and he wanted to play it then, so I think he’ll like it. The kids picked out some movies and candy for him, too. They picked out some pretty knick-knacks for me and Mike got me an Irish Tin Whistle and some books to learn to play! =) I can’t wait to learn. It’s not my beloved clarinet, but since I don’t foresee getting my teeth fixed any time in the near future, I guess the tin whistle will have to suffice. Mike also got a bunch of brain teasers for the computer and a car charger for his cell phone. My mom painted me this so cool Coca-Cola bucket (I WILL get a pic!) and bought me a previous edition of an Oxford medical textbook (I am so excited to get started reading it!! Yes, I know. I am weird!). My brother got me SimCity4 for the computer and a memory card reader so that I can put pics on here a lot easier.

My parents and Bros 4-6 all came out for the big Christmas surprise. That being the fact that Bro4 (27y) bought souped-up-decked-out computers for both Bro5 (16y) and Bro6 (15y). We cooked a ham and heated up some veggies, but mostly filled up on candy.

Everyone had a blast (and got a workout) playing on the Wii and then the boys loaded up their computer bits and went home. The next day Mike took Matthew over to my mom’s to stay the night. I have no idea why he wanted to do that with a brand new WII sitting here, but oh well.

Saturday we went to my grandparents where we played a silly game to exchange gifts and then the whole gang (well the 40 or so of us that were there…) went up to the hospital to carol for my uncle who was recovering from an angioplasty. I think we kinda freaked the security out when we entered en masse, then split up and basically filled 4 elevators and 2 stairwells, then reconvened in my uncle’s room!

Meagan scored a new tent, backpack, and sleeping bag, a movie and some popcorn. Matthew came home with a Spiderman car and 2 movies. I made a haul, too. I got 6 flashlights, a box of truffles, a travel mug, and Sodoku keychain.

The kids and I are all a year older now, too. Meagan turned 11, I turned 30, and Matthew turned 10. Mike and I had our 12th anniversary, too. That all means more goodies! Meagan asked for (and got) preschool toys from us for her birthday. She wanted play food and a tea set with plates. $10! SCORE! =) She also got a Barbie movie from one aunt and was supposed to get a video game from the other, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Matthew got 3 books from one aunt, Battleship from the other, and then we got him a big box of crayons and several super hero coloring books and put them in a Spiderman binder he’d seen at the dollar store and wanted. I got exactly what I asked for too… a black collage frame and a bottle of Lady Stetson. I picked out a nice sweater at the resale shop for Mike. He hasn’t worn it yet, but that could be because of the 70+ temperatures the last few days.

So we had a full gift load even before God gave us His gift this year. I’m not talking about Jesus or salvation right now either. That is of course the biggest and best gift. We received those gifts quite awhile ago and they are still oh-so-very precious! Every year God gives us the gift of family and friends and the like at Christmas time, but this year He gave us something more.

Yesterday I got a call from a friend of mine asking if we could use a new refridgerator. Well, she said, actually she knew we could, the question was whether we wanted one/would take one. Her parents had just gotten a new fridge and were offering their old one to us. And by old I mean AN INFANT compared to our tired, worn-out old fridge. Seriously. Their ‘old’ fridge is all of 4yr old. I think our fridge was probably vintage before theirs was even born. HAHA

So anyway. We got a new(to us!) fridge! =) Just like that. They brought it over and helped Mike get it in the house yesterday afternoon. God is SO good! I thank Him and our friends so much! My new fridge looks so pretty in my ugly kitchen (one of my goals for 2009, btw! lol). It’s a side-by-side and if we had a water line (we don’t, but if we did…) it would give us water and 2 different kinds of ice through the door! How cool is that?! Plus? It can hold gallonS (plural!!) of milk in the DOOR! WOOHOO!

I am so going to post pictures of the old and the new, but not tonight since my brand-new memory card reader is not working yet. I think my USB slot on the computer may be fried. =(


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