Weary and Refreshed

Just a quick thought on last night’s sermon, titled Weary and Refreshed. Pastor talked about how King David and his men were running from Absalom and arrived weary and refreshed themselves. The bit that stuck out to me was refreshed themselves. Pastor was making the point that we all get weary from time to time. In all kinds of ways, not the least of which is spiritually. When we are spiritually weary and need refreshment we can get it through prayer and reading God’s Word. Thing is, though, WE have to do it. We can’t just sit around and wait for it to happen TO us.  We need to take the intiative. Pay attention to ourselves and when we find ourselves growing weary spiritually (maybe because of an especially draining VBS week or lots of church events recently, or maybe just tired of living godly), we need to refresh ourselves through prayer and the reading of God’s Word. A nice cool drink of Living Water will refresh us and help us continue on our journey!


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