Making Memories

I should have posted this several days ago when I first thought of it. But I didn’t. So I’m posting it now.

We recently had a refrigerator gifted to us, and I saw something a couple of days later that made me smile and think to myself I want to remember this, she won’t always be like this, she’s growing up so fast.

Meagan was dancing around as she always does, waving her arms and talking to herself. She danced over to the (new to us) fridge and put on an impromptu show. She reached up to open the freezer door (our old fridge had freezer on top, the new one is a side-by-side), and then acted surprised that the freezer wouldn’t open. She asked herself (I guess, since she wasn’t aware she had an audience) why the freezer wouldn’t open and then went “Oh yeah! The old one is gone, we have a new fridge now.” Then she gave the fridge a little caress, scrunched up her shoulders and declared she loved it in a singsong voice.

I smiled as it struck me that she takes SUCH delight in some things that she just doesn’t want it to end and relives the experience over and over again. It’s just as thrilling to her when she re-enacts the event for the 4th or 5th time as it was when it first happened.

She won’t play pretend like this forever and I just want to make sure I remember how she would savour the good times with her childlike re-enactments.


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