FLYing or not?

So this week I haven’t exactly been following FLYLady’s protocols (not even the shiny sink), BUT I have been getting a few things done that I’d been putting off and I’ve also been allowing myself to just go rest. So am I finally loving myself or no? LOL

Some days and weeks are better than others in terms of energy/fatigue levels and in terms of pain. Apparently this is not my week. =(  I have just been SO unbelievably tired. I get worn out just chewing and so eat only the absolute minimum to keep from puking when I take my meds.

Monday and Tuesday were both that way. Just too worn out to do anything. I pretty much slept the whole time. Wednesday my energy was good so I did a bunch of laundry. I didn’t get it all done, but I made a big dent in the piles! I also went and got a debit card for the checking account, something I/we have been meaning to do for awhile and just hadn’t done it. So I had a little Anti-Procrastination thing going on there. lol

The neat thing is since Mike went with me, we were able to talk to a banker guy for a little bit about debt consolidation. We are going to fill out a couple of ‘worksheets’ to take back to him and he is going to run our finances through a program and print out a report that shows how fast (and HOW) we can get our debts paid off in different situations. This will give us something to look at to compare our options… keep ‘snow-balling’ like we’re trying to now, debt consolidation loan, or home equity loan. We don’t know whether we’ll be taking out a loan yet or not… this is just to compare and contrast with how we’re handling the finances now to see if we WANT to take out a loan. Kinda like a financial consultation kinda thing only it’s not costing us anything since it’s a service our bank provides. Too cool!

Anyway. Yesterday I woke up with some bad aches/pain in some of my joints. More than the usual, I mean. I took my pain pills which generally knocks it down to a level I can function at, but yesterday all it did was make me sleepy. They’ve never made me sleepy before, but oh well. It ended up I was awake long enough to get the kids to school in the morning, so like 45min there, then I was awake again from 1pm-7pm when I just couldn’t stand it anymore and went to bed. Yup. I was awake for all of 6hr before I went back to bed. Ridiculus, huh? lol

I got up this morning at 7am, got the kids to school by 8:30am and laid back down till noon. My left knee, shoulder, and hip all were hurting pretty bad (other joints ache, but not as much) and I was starting to get a migraine, so I took some more pain pills. Today they are doing what they are intended to do. YEAH!

We got the Christmas tree taken down yesterday and today we got all the bags put away. I also got a bunch of trash swept up and bagged out of the living room and front hall. There had been a couple of boxes of who knew what in there too, and we got them sorted and dumped. Then I took a good portion of my craft supplies that had been just stacked in the back hall out in the open and got them stacked in the back hall closet out of sight. Not the best solution since it’s all just stacked in there, not easy to see or get to, but for now at least it’s out of the way.

I’m feeling better about the way the house looks just by taking care of those things. My sink has actually been mostly cleaned out and empty this week, but not “shiny” per se. It is leaking, so I haven’t been bothering to dry it out (since it just gets wet again immediately) and at the moment the breakfast dishes are in there waiting to be washed.

The kids and Mike are mostly responsible for washing the dishes now since I do the cooking. We have a chart on the fridge with colored index cards with our names on them that shows who is supposed to do what on each day. This is working out SO much better than just trying to swap the kids out daily on chores because there was always the argument of “I did it last time”. I made sure that Mom and Dad had a turn doing the dishes and trash, too, so the kids wouldn’t feel like “they’re the only ones who do anything”. Since I do the shopping/cooking, I only took 1 night of dishes, the rest of the family each has 2 nights. The trash is pretty much the same, then the feeding of the kitties is split pretty evenly between myself and the two kids. The litter box is strictly the kids duties. There are advantages to being the parents! LOL

I left open spaces for other chores to be added as we get used to getting these taken care of. I think daily sweeping will probably be the next one added.

Guess I better go reboot the laundry.


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