A New Project

I started a new project today, but it wasn’t the one I expected to start.

See, I made myself a little (ok, long) list of things I want to buy with “saved grocery $”. That is, any leftovers from the $80/wk I had budgeted for groceries. I haven’t actually had a week yet where I have had any leftover, but I have a list ready.

Today I was really wanting to start one of the projects I have scheduled for this year because it’s almost the END of January and I haven’t started even ONE project, let alone finished one. I finally decided I’d start with some Christmas ornaments I’ve been meaning to make for several years simply because I knew I already had everything necessary for that (so no $ required), since they are part of a kit.

I went over to the bookshelf where I’d last seen the kit and picked it up. Well, I picked up what I THOUGHT was the ornament kit anyway. One of the items I was wanting to purchase with leftover grocery $ is a Christmas stocking kit for me, to replace the one I made for myself years ago. At the time I made my stocking, I also made 3 others. One for Mike, and one for each kid (though Matt was still incubating nameless). That meant 4 stocking kits to purchase. I was really pleased with the kits for Mike and Meagan, and ok with the one for Matt (well, “the baby”), but by the time I’d picked those out I was left with ONE choice that wasn’t a duplicate. Mostly because I was stuck with whatever our local Walmart had.

I didn’t like it. At all. It’s a pretty-enough design, but it just didn’t ‘fit’ with the others. Mike’s has Santa sitting at a computer, Meagan’s has Santa holding a sack of toys, and Matt’s has Santa decorating a Christmas tree. Mine? An angel holding a banner that says “Peace, Love, Joy”. Pretty, but it just doesn’t mesh with the others.

Several years later (probably 3 or 4 years ago now) I ran across a stocking kit with Santa baking cookies and thought, “WOW! That is SO me!” The more I thought about it and the more I saw it the more I wished I had made *that* stocking for myself.

This year I decided it was time to do something about that. I decided that if I didn’t buy the kit and make it I would always regret it, since I thought about it each and every year since I’d first seen it. Since it was out-of-print the remaining unfinished kits were getting harder and harder to find. I decided that would be one of the very first purchases I made with “leftover grocery $”.

Wanna take a wild guess what I picked up off the bookshelf today? =)

That’s right! The very stocking kit I was still patiently (well, sorta patiently!) waiting to buy! I’ve had several on my watch list at eBay for almost a month now and have had to watch them end one by one without being able to bid on them because there hasn’t been any leftover grocery $ yet. And then today I went to pick up the ornament kit and discovered it wasn’t ornaments, it was the Baking Santa stocking kit! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

I totally do not remember purchasing this kit. At all. Not even now that I’ve run across it and have held it in my hands. I simply do. not. remember. And yet here it is! YEA GOD! =)

That was such a cool, wonderful blessing today! Seriously! I immediately opened it open and started sorting out thread colors. I have already embroidered and attached the first piece to the front and will be starting the second (the bit with my name- “Mommy”) on it in the morning after I do a little cleaning. I’m going to make myself clean a little first and use the stocking as an incentive to get something done. hehe

I’m so excited! It’s ridiculusly crazy I know, but there ya go. I will absolutely get a pic of it tomorrow. I would take one tonight, but I’ve already packed it away for the night. And YES, I will get a pic tomorrow, know how I can be sure?

Because my new card reader is working! WOOHOO! Apparently the problem was that my USB card’s wire had detached, so it was basically not hooked up at all. My little brother replaced it with a new USB card a few days ago and now the card reader is working great! That’s how I got the grocery pics on there the other day. WOOHOO!

God is good. =)


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