Anti-Procrastination Day

I was right. I slept until 1pm today. Didn’t even get up in the am to get my pills!

When I did finally get up, I decided to accomplish SOMETHING today, so I snuggled under the covers with some mending I had been putting off for MONTHS.

Why do I do that? I mean seriously. It might have taken me 45min to get all that mending done. Three pairs of culottes (one with a nasty L shaped tear), a pair of pj pants, and replacing a button on an uniform shirt. Maybe 45min, and that’s including hunting up the thread, needle, and scissors. All that stuff sat on top of my dryer or buried in a ‘mending drawer’ for about 3mo. *sigh*

Well, it’s done now. I also filed our taxes tonight after church. Hopefully we’ll be getting a nice-sized deposit soon. Most of which will go to pay for the house taxes for the year, but still. =)

Mike also took the kitties in for their 2nd round of shots (due about 2wk ago!) and took the kids to the library (books due yesterday!). So both of those were “anti-procrastination tasks”, too.

Another one was the kitties’ flea medicine. It was only 2 days late, but it counts too. They were both such good little kitties! Samson did try to get the mean vet-lady back for poking him, but on the whole they did really well. They purred the whole time Mike and I were giving them the Frontline!

Just think what we could have accomplished if I had been awake for more than a few hours. LOL

It’s midnight so I’m off to bed for some bible-reading and SLEEP. I did get my B12 shot tonight, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a little more alert. haha


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