Santa Chef Beginnings, and my Dad

I promised a pic of the stocking I started yesterday so here it is…


I contemplated putting my real name (Chris) on the stocking. I almost did. BUT I decided if I did that I would likely be forever annoyed that the stockings still didn’t ‘match’. Mike’s says “Daddy”, not “Mike”, so I figured I better stick to the same pattern for mine. LOL

It’s 2pm and I’m drinking a HORRIBLE cup of coffee. Seriously I think I’m going to just dump this pot and make fresh. I like my coffee strong, but this is just gross. BLECH!

I’m waiting on a phone call from Mom with an update on Dad. He was having bad abdominal pain again and so they’re back in the ER trying to figure out what’s going on.

He had horrible belly pain for years and years and in Sept of ’06 we finally convinced him to go to the ER. He went in about 10pm and by 6am the next morning he’d had a grapefruit sized tumor and about half of his large intestine removed. Colon cancer.

He had another emergency surgery about a week later to remove a softball sized pocket of infection from the first surgery. Then the next spring he had another emergency surgery, this time to remove a blockage and put in an ileostomy. Basically a detour for bodily wastes. It was detouring his large intestine completely and draining into a bag attached to his side.

He had that for awhile and was doing fairly well. He gained some weight back, but was having problems staying hydrated, so just before Christmas this last year (’08), he had the ileostomy reversed. That is, they reconnected his intestines so he could use the potty like a big boy. LOL (That’s the way he phrased it, btw.)

I thought he’d been doing really well since then. He’s staying hydrated better and gaining weight. Eating just about whatever he wants, etc. Mom says he told her he hasn’t pooped or eaten anything since Tuesday, though. Apparently he hasn’t eaten anything (or drunk much) because he’s scared of it all coming back up because it can’t get through. (That happened pre-ileostomy for several weeks. He was SO sick! It was awful!)

Anyway. Here I sit, waiting to hear what’s what. I have some laundry in the works, and I’m stitching on my stocking. Kids will be out of school in about 45min. We’ll probably head up to the hospital then if I haven’t heard anything yet.


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