Why is it…

whenever I finally manage to get an interesting pic to put up here I lose the stupid camera??

My brother borrowed our good digcam, so I had to resort to using the old one to snap a pic of the progress on the stocking. That was probably Sunday night. I went just now to find the silly thing so I could retrieve the pictures and I can’t find it anywhere! Go figure!

I’m too tired to mess with it much more tonight. I’ll look again in the morning. If I can manage to find it, I’ll snap another shot of the stocking (since I’ve worked on it a bit more since Sun.) and post both pics at once.

It’s somehow gotten buried under a pile of papers or something somewhere, I’m sure.

Things have been getting piled higher and higher over here the last couple of days because we’re back in “crisis mode”.

Dad ended up having emergency surgery (again!) Sunday morning, so I missed the am services at church for a start. The surgery went ok in that they removed a TON of scar tissue that was basically twisting and gluing his intestines together with his bladder and everything else. The surgery went not so ok in that they had to really pull him closed tight and hold him together with wires which is putting pressure (too much? they’re not sure) on his kidneys making his kidney failure more problematic. Then to top that off, they could not get a central line in (either time they tried) because of scarring from his PICC line before so they can’t monitor the pressure his kidneys are under. On top of *that* his left lung collapsed and they ended up putting two chest tubes in (one on each side) to reinflate it and prevent it from happening again. He’s also still on the ventilator.

He hasn’t eaten or drunk anything since last Tues, so they’re finally considering giving him some IV nutrients in the am. He “might maybe” be developing pneumonia. Oh and he weighed 122lb before surgery (he’d lost 8lb in about 4 days from not being able to eat or drink) and now weighs 142lb! He has been pumped so full of fluids he is swelled up like a balloon! His kidneys aren’t working properly so it’s all just accumulating in his tissues.

The biggest problem is that about a week and a half after intestinal surgery the intestines turn to tissue paper consistency and any minor irritation causes perforations. The docs are worried that the wires holding him together may do more harm because of this. The other possibility is that his kidneys can NOT survive the pressure caused by keeping him held together in which case they will reopen the surgical incision and leave it open. If they do that, his intestines will end up, according to the surgeon, as a mound outside of his body. Ordinarily they can then use a mesh screen of sorts to hold things in place while the skin heals. With Dad? Not so much. He scars so badly his body would just grow attached and around the mesh… like a tree grows around a rope or hose over many years. For Dad the only option would be what the surgeon described as a specially designed “plastic bubble” that they would put on him to protect the literally HANGING OUTSIDE OF THE BODY intestines!


That is NOT an image that sets well, is it? =( That’s not much of a LIFE, either. More like survival just for the sake of surviving. =( If that’s the only option, Mom and I both feel like it would be better for him to just go home to glory. We know Dad would not want a life like that either. =(

Basically he is as the surgeon put it… “between a rock and a hard place”, in which any one of a number of things could “do him in”.

Meanwhile, he seems to be doing somewhat better today. His hands were not as swollen or cold, he was calmer (probably because he was being reminded over and over where he was and what was going on), and he was less afraid he said. Well… he wrote actually, as he can’t talk on account of the giant tube down his throat.

I’m off to bed for now. Gonna snuggle in and read some before I go to sleep, I think.


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