If I only had a license…

So Dad is doing better each day, and yet each day nothing changes. That is the causes of his problems have still not been addressed. Nor does it look likely they will be anytime soon. Granted there is not much that can be done about the fact that he scars horribly. I mean in a big-bad every-doctor-that-actually-SEES-his-scar-tissue-is-mystified kind of way.

We got some test results back (finally) yesterday though, that should… in theory… make addressing at least one underlying issue a simple matter of course. Unfortunely we’ve yet to find a dr to actually look at and then DO something about the test results.

He tested CDC positive (as in, should be reported to the CDC) for Ehrlichiosis which is a big-bad nasty tick-borne rickettisal disease. The treatment? A simple antibiotic found on the $4 list at Wal-Mart. In fact if this infection is even SUSPECTED this antibiotic is supposed to be administered…*just in case*… before the test results are even back.

It boggles my mind that the dr could actually look at this test result (which is clearly positive to anyone who knows how to read because the paper TELLS you how to read it…hello!!) and say, “Well I don’t understand this. You’ll need to take care of this on an out-patient basis with an infectious disease dr.”

Ok, so I get that you do not specialize in infectious diseases. Fine and dandy. Neither do I. I haven’t even been to medical school. Not a single day. And yet? I am pretty sure that if you know a patient has a bacterial infection, the obvious course of action is to, oh I dunno… TREAT IT!

Seriously! This doc wants Mom to wait until Dad is released from the hospital (like a week and half, two weeks from now) and then make an appt with an infectious disease dr to treat an infection. The reasoning behind this totally escapes me.

Why, oh WHY can they not just call a dr in for a consult and treat this infection NOW?!?!

It’s times like these when I feel so utterly fed-up with myself for not getting myself prescribing capabilities! I want to just grab my nonexistent Rx pad and solve the ridiculusly simple problem myself.

In other news… I think maybe, maybe we might have gotten the old refrigerator sold finally. I’m not holding my breath, of course, but someone called Mike today and said they would come out Monday to pick it up. We’ll see.


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