I’m too busy!

I have so many projects planned for this year and I don’t seem to be making much progress. True, I was pretty sick for all of Jan and most of Feb, but still it’s frustrating.

Mom and the boys are still here as well (going on a month now off and on) because Dad is STILL in the hospital. He’s down to 91lbs and is “stubborning” himself to death! He refuses to eat or drink enough simply because he’s being told to. It’s so ridiculus!

Tomorrow Matthew is going in for his growth hormone stimulation test. We’ve waited almost 8 full years for this test and it’s FINALLY here! As crazy as it sounds, I hope he fails. We’ve figured he needed the growth hormone replacement therapy for almost 8yr now and failing this test is the only way to prove it and get the health insurance to cover it.

He’ll have an IV for about 4hr and will be given two different stimulating agents to see if his body can produce enough of the hormone for normal growth. The second agent will likely make him feel sick to his stomach and very sleepy. Otherwise it’s no big deal. We’ll take him up to WalMart tonight to pick a Redbox movie to take with us and we’ll probably take a book and maybe some dice, too.

I need to go to the library today and return some books, then go get groceries. I guess I better go get dressed, huh? LOL I didn’t get up till noon today but that’s because I only got to sleep around 5am!


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