Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Mother’s Day the last 3 years have been interesting. Mike has forgotten the actual date every year. Or at least, it seems that way. He DID come to church with us last year on Mother’s Day, so it’s possible he remembered and came to church because of the date but truth be told, I don’t think so. I don’t think he knew it was Mother’s Day until he heard the pastor mention it. LOL

Nevertheless, the One who truly made me a mother has not forgotten. Three years ago, Mike and the kids picked out some cards for me, then forgot to give them to me. Several weeks later, on a day when I was MOST discouraged and depressed, I read an article in a bible-based magazine about their Mother’s Day gift for their mom. About 30min later, Mike came in and handed me a small bag with some cards in it and said “Happy late Mother’s Day. We kinda forgot to give these to you.” (or something like that) I knew then, that while they might have picked the cards and sentiments out, the timing was all God’s! God was giving me a little encouragement and a “Happy Mother’s Day” gift, too!

Then last year, Mike came to church with us. Again, I kinda think he didn’t have a clue what the date was, but you know what? God knew. God’s impeccable timing is what led Mike to come to church with us on that day.

So what did the Lord have in store for me this Mother’s Day? Well, Mike had to work a 12hr shift, so it wasn’t him coming to church with us…

For starters, even though I really didn’t feel up to going to church and was soooo tired, I went ahead and went. In Sunday School we had a really good lesson, and it was just a good time. Then right before the service, one of the ladies asked me to work with the toddlers this morning. Now, I do love the preaching, but I’ll admit, I love being with the little tykes, too, and feel so blessed to be able to ‘work toddlers’ when I get the chance.

One of the little sweeties wanted to sit in my lap the whole time and just snuggle. She was sooo sweet! Then she told me, “Miss Chris, I love you.” Talk about melting a heart! LOL

So morning service was good, even though I did miss the preaching. =)

When we left church, we went by the store to pick up some cokes (her request) and some chocolate (my decree!) for my mom. I planned on driving from there, out to her place, and spending the day just kinda hanging out.

We did do that, but first the Lord gave me His ‘card’. He made a way for my kids took me out to eat!

We were checking out at the store and met a lady from church. She was just coming in the store, and stopped to say hello. She said something like it seemed everyone was going out and she said she wanted to go out too. Her kids were out of town, though, so that wasn’t happening this year. She asked if we were going out, and I said no, we were headed for my mom’s. I told her that I rarely went out on Mother’s Day, and just as conversation told her that usually Mike takes his buddy out to eat on Mother’s Day. LOL He has done that for several years. I don’t think he plans it intentionally, I think it’s a case of he gets out and then realizes what day it is. lol

Anyway. She told the kids they should take me out to lunch and Meagan just kinda shrugged and said “we don’t have any money”. Next thing I knew she was pressing a $20 into Meagan’s hand and telling them to take me out right now!

I tried telling her she didn’t need to do that… really… since we were headed out to my mom’s and everything. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and just smiled and said “Happy Mother’s Day!” as she headed into the store.

So this year, the Lord bought me lunch! The kids and I went to Taco Bell and they went inside (3x to get the order right! HAHA) and took care of the ordering and paying. Then we drove by a coke machine and got drinks. We had full tummies by the time we got to my mom’s and I didn’t have to cook it, nor pay for it!!

After church tonight, we had a little fellowship in the back with sandwhiches and desserts and all. This sweet lady asked me if we’d been able to go out yet and I told her we had and thanked her again. We ended up talking a little and she said she knew what it was like. Apparently her hubby doesn’t do anything for her for Mother’s Day much either. She said that now that her kids were grown, they took care of her, but not her hubby. He says she’s not his mom. LOL She said she had to go home and fix his meal today instead of going out.

Mike got home before we did, so when we came in, I got the kids started on their chores and then went in to tell him I had put an order in for some cream for my joints. (It’s made with manuka honey and bee venom and is really good stuff for the arthritis!) He kinda sighed and hung his head (in response to my spending the $$) and asked if I could consider it a Mother’s Day gift. He said he didn’t realize until he got to work and someone asked him if he was having a good Mother’s Day what day it was. (Did he try to call to tell me Happy Mother’s Day, though? NO!) Anyway, I told him I’d planned on it anyway (and I had… I didn’t expect him to remember and I really need this cream, so I said ok, it’s my Mother’s Day gift), and then asked if he wanted some cornbread with the beans that had been cooking in the crockpot all day. “That sounds good” he said.

So, the sweet lady from church and I both fixed our non-Mother’s-Day-celebrating hubbies a Mother’s Day meal. LOL

I look forward to someday being able to bless a younger lady with the same kind of hubby. I’ll tell her what this dear lady told me… “I know what it’s like.” Then I’ll smile and share some of my Mother’s Day stories with her.


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