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Three or four times the blessing!

The sweet friend I talked about in my last post… the one who bought my lunch the day we had the moms day out? Well she was in on the whole socks thing.

Tonight she called up and asked if she could come bring me some clothes she bought for me today at the Goodwill store! How cool is that?!

God (and my friend, too!) just gave me 9 tops and 3 skirts, and get this… I know God was in it because every last one FIT! I kid you not!

He is so good! I pray that He blesses my sweet friend even more!


Twice the Blessing

Awhile back a group of us young-ish mothers went out for lunch and shopping. I had no $$ at the time so a very sweet friend of mine bought my lunch. Another mom (new to the church) came with and I noticed her oohing-and-aahing over a pair of shea-butter infused socks at Bath and Body Works. For whatever reason (ok, it was the Lord) I wanted badly to get her a pair. I knew I couldn’t then, but I was determined that when I could… I would.

Around the same time I started using and It took about 3mo or so, but I’ve managed to collect some gift cards. $20 worth at Amazon (about $10 of which I used to get Meagan’s un-birthday gift), and then more recently I had enough points at to get a gift card. When I saw that I could get a $10 Bath and Body Works gift card, it didn’t take me very long to decide that’s what I should do! =)

I’d been thinking about those socks for months by this point, and had repeatedly tried hard to remember whether she was looking at the pink or blue socks. I just could not remember. It bugged me no-end because I wanted so bad to get “just the right” ones. The gift card would only cover one pair, as they were $6-7 a pair. I knew in the back of my mind (or heart, I guess), though, that when it came time, the Lord would help me know which ones were right.

So I went to ask for the gift card and instead of it being an e-gift card (which I expected… like the ones were)… I got a notice saying it would be shipped to my home address. I remembered there was a Bath and Body Works in the mall in the ‘big city’ (lol!) I have to go to see my doctor, so I hoped it would get here in time to take it with me the next time I had an appt.

It came in last week. I had to go to the big city to get labwork done, so Meagan and I paid a visit to Bath and Body Works. I was so excited to finally get the socks for her!

Guess what God did!!! He had this all planned out just so in His timing, I’m sure of it, because when we got there, we discovered the shea-butter infused socks were HALF OFF! That meant I could get 2 pairs… both the pink and the blue… and a gift box to put them in and still not have to pay anything out-of-pocket! So I did! =) When I got home I wrote her name on the box. I’m sure that the socks are going to get to her “just when she needs them”. =) I know because the Lord orchestrated this in His time!

That’s not all, though! Nope! When the Bath and Body Works gift card arrived, there was also a $15 gift card to! Now I’m going to be able to send my mom some flowers for her birthday in a couple of weeks!

God is soooo good!

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