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Blessings Season

That’s what Meagan dubbed it tonight during prayer-time.

I’ve actually been avoiding posting anything out of shame or guilt or something. The problem is, I haven’t been keeping up with my ‘counts’ in several weeks. Not even the monetary ones.

I REALLY need to get this Blessing Season documented, though, so here goes.

I’m going to start with our own blessings, then go on to some of my mom’s (dad and little bros, too).

Keep in mind these have all been in the last month, and ours in the last week.

1. At my dr visit a few days ago, my doc told me I could go 6 weeks instead of 4 to my next appt. He also gave me some samples (and a coupon card) for one of my meds. Good thing, too, since they didn’t work for me and it would have bern around $120/mo (after discount) to get it filled to try it otherwise. We’d have been out $120! The replacement (which does seem to be working) was $4 for the month supply!

2. When I went to get my labwork done after my doctor’s appt, it was only $56 instead of the $108 I was expecting!

3. Garage/Yard sale shopping Saturday yielded:

  • sturdy coffee table and 2 end tables, each with a drawer – $15
  • red mini-blinds to fit both my kitchen (decorated in red/white/black Coca-Cola memorabilia) windows – $1 each
  • multi-level, carpet and rope, cat playground needing minor repair – FREE
  • black wrought iron scroll thing for wall decor in living room – $3
  • 2 basket cat beds – 50cents each
  • pink sheer/ribbon bed canopy for Meagan – 50cents
  • Coca-Cola plastic glass with lid – 10cents

4. Sunday, our pastor asked me to go to Junior Camp as a counselor.

5. Sunday, our pastor told us the church would pay for the kids camp fees.

6. Sunday, a lady in the church offered to teach Meagan to play the guitar… for free.

7. Thrift store shopping today yielded:

  • For Mom – pj pants, nice t-shirt, khaki skirt, 2 sweater blouses, 2 sleep shirts, lightweight robe, blouse – for $18.30 
  • For Meagan – 2 bras, slip, tank top, 2pc pjs, dress, robe, pj pants, pj top, tennis shoes, 13 tops/t-shirts – for $21.73
  • For Matthew – pj pants, 3 nice shirts, robe, cowboy shirt, slacks, 2 pr jeans, 10 t-shirts – for $17.86
  • For Family – Rummikub game for $2.42
  • For School – l/s and s/s blue uniform shirts for Meg, l/s and s/s blue uniform shirts for somebody else (too little for her, too big for him) – for $4.26

8.  At Target the 3 campers were all able to find swimsuits that fit, mine is solid red (my fave color), and I also got a lightweight sweater for $5. We won’t mention how much my swimsuit was (oy vey!). We also got Meagan a new lunch box for school for $2.50. AND… I also got 3 new Coca-Cola things for the kitchen. Two fridge magnets, and a little metal pail.

9. At Target, directly because we were able to save so much in getting all the pieces we needed for camp (swimsuits and cover-ups all round, t-shirts for both kids, tennis shoes for Meg) and the church paying for the kids camp fees, we were able to pick up a window a/c for the kids’ room. Something they desperately need since we do not have central a/c, especially since their beds are HIGH loft beds and their ceiling fan doesn’t work.

These are mostly material things, I realize, but there are somewhat hidden non-material blessings mixed in, as well. For instance, in providing us with so many things we needed (and even a few extra things we wanted) at such wonderful prices, our finances were blessed! The doctor, labwork, and med blessings were financial savings, but they are also signs that my health is improving! That’s a very good non-material blessing. Also, the opportunity for not only the kids, but myself as well, to go to camp is a huge blessing. I feel so honored to get the chance to go and serve God in this way. I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near ready to do so… spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically… but if the Lord wants me to do this, then I know He will help me in every way, so I’m totally going to go and do my best!

Now for my mom, dad, and brothers.  

1. Mom’s retirement legal battle is over after 20+ years! She got a healthy sized (5 digits!) lump sum, and her monthly checks should start arriving in a few weeks.

2. With the lump sum, Mom was able to take my youngest two brothers (the ones still living at home) back to the doc for their follow-up for Lyme, and get their bloodwork done.

3. Also with the lump sum, Mom was able to start looking for an actual HOUSE to move into. When they moved out of our house 2yrs ago, they moved into a big metal shop building, that had an ‘apartment’ built into one end. The ‘apartment’ was nothing more than a closet, an a/c unit in the wall (not a window), a tiny bathroom with NO ventilation (so it doesn’t meet code requirements), a small refridgerator, a recliner, and a small set of upper/lower kitchen cabinets with a sink. There are NO windows and only the one door (that opens into the shop).

4. Within about 2wks of actual looking at houses, Mom put a contract on a really nice 3 bedroom, 1 bath, with a huge yard with lots of huge oak trees and some peach trees, a 2-car carport, and a ‘bonus’ building that has 2 rooms, a bathroom, and a shed-area.

5. Mom got the house at the price she thought she “would be doing really good to get it for”.

6. She planned to spend about $300-400 to have the house inspected before closing. She found a guy to inspect it who is a Christian, considers each job a blessing, and even prays for the new owners and their life in their new home, and he only charges $150!

7. The inspection revealed almost NO problems at all. The electric box needs to be replaced, the roof shingles will probably need to be replaced in a couple of years (but there is only one layer, so they could just add another layer), the included oven doesn’t work (they are probably going to knock some $ off the price, or have it fixed), and there is one outlet that doesn’t work. BIG DEAL, huh? =) Also, it comes with 2 window a/c units that the inspector tested and said were both blowing 52 degree air. Oh, and the house has gas heating and all and there are NO leaks.

8. Mom was approved for her loan easily and the process of getting the loan and buying the house is moving quickly.

9. It’s looking like they might even get to close earlier than the scheduled 7/14 date!

10. In thinking about all the different things she’ll need to purchase for the new house, and planning and what-not (the boys… almost 15 and 16 have never had a bedroom before… not even to share… and have never even had a bed since they outgrew their cribs, so they are MEGA excited!!), she’s finding more and more ingenious ways to furnish and decorate the house for less money.

Even my younger brother (28y, lives on his own… well, with a couple, but not at home with mom and dad and the younger boys or with me anymore) has gotten in on the blessings. He got a 48″(??) flat screen, HD, LCD, TV for FREE with some points of some kind through some Intel program he’s in.

Of course, there are many, many ways the Lord blesses us each and every day, that we seem to take for granted more often than not. It’s not like these are the ONLY blessings by any stretch of the imagination, but these have all been, in a sense, extra than the usual blessings, and so they stick out. With so many obvious blessings in such a short period of time, it’s no wonder Meg dubbed this the Blessing Season!

I want to ‘publicly’ (such as it is with no traffic on this site) thank and praise God from whom all good gifts -these I’ve mentioned included- come!


Happy Birthday to my Old Man

No really. He turned 62 today. Well technically yesterday since it’s 2am.

He had the day off and basically we just hung out. I did go do a little grocery shopping (and birthday shopping) early in the afternoon. Got home and napped till 6pm! Yikes!

Dinner was a near-disaster because of my oversleeping. I pan-fried potatoes, and asked Mike to grill the hamburgers since I was using the hamburger skillet for the potatoes. Since we had no charcoal at the house, it was quite awhile before the grill was ready for the meat. In fact it was so late that Mike was only able to cook them about half-done before he ran out of light. By then the potatoes were done, so I finished them off inside.

Mike asked for a cherry pie instead of cake, so that was dessert.

Then came the packages. Three new shirts… one of which has a totem-pole design, so like his favorite game– Virtual Villagers 2. We also got him a queen-sized air mattress and sheet and a couple of lanterns. He’s taking Matthew on an overnight fishing trip later this week, so I though the OLD man might need something a little cushier than the ground to sleep on. HAHA

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