Missing church…

It’s Sunday morning, and it’s not looking like we’ll make it to church.  Admittedly, I did wake up late, but that’s not the problem. Both kids’ asthma have been giving them fits.

Matthew’s been having problems with his all summer long.  I’d taken him in a couple of times earlier in the summer, but since I know the drill, I just did the medicatin’ at home.  I’d taken him in in the hopes that the doc would add his Advair back in.  No go, so we just put up with the inhaler or nebulizer several times a day.  A couple of weeks ago, I had to take him in because of the rage issues were getting BAD again.  We were supposed to go back in 2wks for a med follow-up (we upped his Strattera to 60mg).  The next week I took him in for his asthma because, well, we were both tired of him not being able to breathe well all summer.  Thankfully, this time the doc said to add the Advair back in.  So he was getting better.  Notice I said was.  The last two days, he’s having troubles breathing again.

Meagan, on the other hand, did fine all summer, but once school (and running laps) started up again, so did her asthma.  This last week she said she was needing to use the inhaler after PE every day.  Thursday evening she was coughing (the dreaded asthma cough) all evening so when we got back from a revival service, I hooked her up on the neb.  Then I hooked her up again.  Friday after school was basically a repeat.  Friday evening I had her add the Pulmicort to the Xopenex.  After that treatment, she was still real tight, so I had her do another Xopenex.  She snuck off to bed right after, but I highly suspect she needed yet another round of the Xopenex.

Yesterday was more of the same.  So this morning, after I woke up late, I had to get both kids on their nebs.  That was 40min ago.  Meagan *says* she can breathe better and doesn’t need a second round, but I haven’t actually listened to her yet.  (I need to find my el cheapo stethoscope!)  Matthew finished his and then went and sat on the pot for 20min.  Now I need to go and start the pill-taking coercing/forcing.  No telling how long that will take, but considering the church service starts in 19min, I’m not optimistic about making it. =(

I’m not very happy about that, either.  We are having a guest preacher today, and he’s good.  VERY involved with spreading the gospel over in Israel, and I was looking forward to hearing him this morning.  Ah well, hopefully we can at least catch the evening service.


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