Ladies Retreat Was Great!

I just got back (well, last night I got back…) from a wonderful ladies retreat.  The theme was Hands. Hands of God, as well as our hands being used by God. We had great speakers, awesome teaching, yummy food, and lots of fun, too. Plus, I even got to stay the night in a hotel… without kids. =)

I stayed in a room with 3 other ladies. The oldest (though not old by any means) of us went to sleep fairly quickly. The rest of us, though, stayed up till about 1:30am playing a new Monopoly card game and talking. I got my toenails painted and decorated, too.

When I got back home I found a (STILL) sick Matthew. He had a fever and was throwing up yesterday morning and of course his asthma is still giving him fits. He’s scheduled for an allergist appt this Tues. We’re hoping to get started on allergy shots so that maybe his asthma will improve.


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