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Big Dreams, Little Dreams

Heard a really great message at church Wed on dreams. (You can download the sermon and listen to it here: Baptist Basics Download Page Look for “Dream A Dream”.) Not dreams like where you find yourself flying the spaceship from Flight of the Navigator around town with all your younger cousins on board in highchairs, but dreams like when you say “One day I’d like to…”.

The speaker brought up a lot of good points about dreams. He talked about how we *should* have them, as they give us a goal to work towards. They motivate us to DO something. They give us a purpose.

If we have a dream to do something, go somewhere, meet someone, be somebody, or accomplish something, we have a much greater chance of actually DOING something, GOING somewhere, MEETING someone, BEING somebody (although, to be sure we are ALL somebody to Jesus whether we ever realize that or not), or actually ACCOMPLISHING something. In other words, if we don’t have something to set our minds and hearts towards in the future, something to work towards, we won’t make any progress towards those things and so we won’t move forward in life.

Life isn’t stagnant. It’s ALIVE! It’s moving. Look at the bodies of water on the earth. All but the Dead Sea have living things swimming happily away in them. What’s so different about the Dead Sea? It doesn’t have an outlet. There is no way for the water in the Dead Sea to get back out. It TAKES, but it never GIVES. Life enters into it, but there it stagnates and dies. The same thing will happen to small ponds or even fish tanks (like the aquarium the kids’ goldfish will be in once we find it!), if there is no circulation of water – life – movement.

I believe I once heard the term ‘living being’ defined as a being that has the capability of growing and moving on its own. But plants can’t move, you say, and they are alive. Yes they do move, I say! They grow don’t they? Then they move. A rock is stagnant. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t grow. Neither does metal.Things like water and air move, but not on their own. They have to have an outside source of energy propel them in some way. A hand has to tilt the pitcher to pour the water into the cup, A sudden bolt of electricity (if you really want me to explain where/how that happens, I will, but it’s rather lengthy) has to warm the air causing it to expand and crash into the cooler air around it with a bang.

In short, then, we could say that life = movement. Dreams give us something to move towards. Without dreams… be they big dreams like a wedding in your future or one finishing med school and opening your own practice… or little dreams like the Christmas gifts you want to make for your family or the dinner you plan on cooking tonight… we have no reason to move.

God created each of us, for HIS purpose. For HIS glory and HIS pleasure. He saves us by HIS grace and desires a personal relationship -talking, sharing, loving, working- with us. He live in us once we are saved, and desires to live THROUGH us as well. If He comes into our hearts and never comes out, we WILL stagnate spiritually. And of course, if we stagnate spiritually, the rest of our lives WILL suffer.

Jesus is the reason. Jesus is the reaon for the season, yes. But He is also the reason for living. He is the biggest dream to work towards… being like Him. We don’t have to work to get to Heaven to live with Him forever, but we DO need to work towards being like Him… sharing His qualities and character. We take life in when we accept Jesus into our hearts because He IS everlasting life. We need to give Jesus back out to keep from stagnating and scumming over like a pond with no circulating water, air, and life.

Share the gift of eternal Life with someone this Christmas season. Make it a dream of yours to show someone how to accept Jesus into their heart and live eternally. Then MOVE (on your own, without outside energy sources propelling you) towards that dream. Now you’re livin! ;-)

Just like all dreams, if you move towards it at all, you will have gone farther and accomplished more than you would have if you’d never tried. Even if you never achieve your goal, you’ve still succeeded. I believe it was Bob Jones Sr who said “Success is finding God’s will for your life and doing it” (that’s close, if that the exact quote).

That’s one of mybig dreams… to lead someone to Christ… to lead many someones to Christ, actually. Now I’m going to share some of my little dreams with you. It’ll be a kind of progress report, I suppose. LOL Listed below are all the different Christmas gifts I’m making this year as well as other Christmas projects. The ones crossed out are completed. The ones with an * I haven’t even started yet! YIKES!! =)

  • sew Coast Guard patch onto knit hat for Mike
  • make Christmas candies (candy melts/molds… painted details) for Meg to hand out at school
  • display case of Coast Guard memorabilia for Mike
  • stain/seal display shelf for Coast Guard hat
  • sew ‘sleep sack’ out of queen and throw sized blankets
  • sew matching dresses for Meagan* and the 18″ doll she is getting for Christmas (I have the doll’s dress finished)
  • sew blue snowflake dress* for the doll
  • crochet quitar for the doll
  • crochet poncho* to match one I made Meagan a couple of years ago…for the doll
  • crochet Santa hat*, scarf*, and mittens* for the doll
  • dye and embroider 2 sets of 5 tea towels (red w/ whitework snowmen)
  • change name on Mike’s childhood stocking to Matthew*
  • sew jingle bells on the stockings Meme made the kids*
  • make fudge for giving away and taking to get-togethers*
  • coat choc. sandwich cookies in white almond bark and sprinkle red/green berries/leaves on top*
  • crochet backpack for doll*
  • hang garlands*, window clings*, wreaths*, and lights*
  • finish getting ornaments on the tree and setting out decorations
  • wrap a bunch of Christmas gifts*
  • clean house
  • do about 5 billion loads of laundry (ok, not quite that many, but close!)

I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting, too! Can you say BIZ-ZEE?! I’m gonna go work on that blue doll dress now. Oh! And the matching dresses are a metallic burgundy with black trimmings. =) I’ll post pics of all the finished projects when I can. Well, for all except the stuff I made for the girls from camp. I didn’t get pictures of them before I mailed them out. I made a yellow pillow w/ “John Deere” in green, an American flag design scarf, an American flag design doll blanket, a pink/purple scarf, and a hat and scarf for a doll in red/white/blue.


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